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  • 00:00:24 – Introduction
  • 00:02:40 – Setup of interview
  • 00:06:49 – Interview with Jeff Lemire
  • 01:33:07 – Wrap up
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Rotting Husks

On this interview episode Derek and Andy are excited to have Jeff Lemire as their guest. His new graphic novel, Roughneck, has just been released by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery 13 imprint, and he has a new ongoing series through Image Comics, Royal City. The guys talk with Jeff about those works, particularly their place within Lemire’s growing body of writing, but they also ask him about his other current ongoing series, such as Descender (with Dustin Nguyen on art), Black Hammer (along with Dean Ormston), and the miniseries A.D.: After Death (written by Scott Snyder). A lot of ground is covered in this interview, including revelations on the early origins of Roughneck, the long-range plans for Royal City, the themes and characters that seem to be woven throughout Jeff’s oeuvre, the curious links between Descender and Adam Strange, and Jeff’s thoughts on “slice of life” stories and their reception within the comics-reading community.

And here’s a fun fact! Jeff Lemire was actually the focus of the Two Guys’ very first creator spotlight way back in Episode 6 of The Comics Alternative, and at the time Andy and Derek thought there was almost too much to talk about in terms of Jeff’s output. But now almost five years later, and with so many more titles under Jeff’s belt, those assumptions seem amusing in hindsight.

It’s important to note that Andy and Derek recorded their interview with Jeff the day before this year’s Eisner Award nominations were announced, where he has landed in the Best New Series and Best Writer categories (both for Black Hammer). This is why no one brings up the Eisners at any time in the conversation. But a big CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff for this well-deserved attention!

He’s Got Issues #156.2: DC Comics, 1/14/15


  • Arrow Season 2.5 #4
  • Astro City #19
  • Batgirl #38
  • Batman Eternal #41
  • Constantine #21
  • Earth 2 World’s End #15
  • Fables The Wolf Among Us #1
  • FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #17
  • Grayson #6
  • Green Lantern Corps #38
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three #7
  • Justice League United #8
  • Klarion #4
  • Mortal Kombat X #1
  • New 52 Futures End #37
  • New Suicide Squad #6
  • Scooby-Doo Where Are You #53
  • Smallville Season 11 Continuity #2 (Of 4)
  • Superman Wonder Woman #15
  • Worlds’ Finest #30


  • American Vampire Volume 7 HC
  • Animal Man Volume 7 Red Plague TP
  • Batman Black And White Volume 4 TP
  • Flash Volume 4 Reverse TP
  • Green Lantern Corps Volume 5 Uprising TP
  • Supergirl Volume 5 Red Daughter Of Krypton TP
  • Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger Volume 3 The Crack In Creation TP (You Tube Channel)
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Wayne’s Comics #126 With Steve Pugh From Marvel’s ‘All-New Invaders’

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Steve Pugh, Marvel Comics, Captain America, All-New Invaders, Animal Man, Hotwire, James Robinson

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier debuting in theaters last weekend, it’s the perfect time for me to interview Steve Pugh, artist on Marvel’s All-New Invaders, featuring Cap as one of its stars! We talk about how this assignment came to be and what he enjoys about his work on this revival of one of the company’s classic teams! We also chat briefly about the recent conclusion of DC’s Animal Man ongoing series and Hotwire, how I was introduced to his writing and art.

Don’t miss my interview with writer/artist Royden Lepp, creator of the soon-to-be released third volume of Rust, next week!


Real Books Don’t Have Batman 3/19/14

Jim Lee finally handed his art in, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee return for Daredevil, and Deshawn has a new book! Could it be… a Marvel book?

This week we review:
Thor: God of Thunder # 20 (1:00)
Winter Soldier # 2 (2:30)
Iron Man # 23.NOW (4:50) Spotlight: Samurai Jack # 6 (8:00)
Superman Unchained # 6 (10:10)
Daredevil # 1 (14:06)
Wonder Woman # 29 (17:14)
Batman & Aquaman # 29 (20:36)
Harley Quinn # 4 (24:16)
Animal Man # 29 (26:26)

Animal_Man_Vol_2-29_Cover-1_Teaser btman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 2/19/14

The Mercury Metal Man is red, I call foul. Mercury isn’t red. I demand my stories about men in tights who fly and shoot laser beams to have a modicum of realism.

This week we review:
Justice League # 28 (1:45)
Batman & Two-Face # 28 (4:20)
Harley Quinn # 3 (8:30)
Wonder Woman # 28 (10:35)
Animal Man # 28 (12:40)

btman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 1/22/14

Iron Giant confirmed DC character, reason Batman vs. Superman was pushed back. Batman vs. Superman vs. Iron Giant – 2016.

This week we review:
Black Widow # 2 (1:00)
All-New Invaders # 1 (2:10)
Harley Quinn # 2 (6:10)
Wonder Woman # 27 (10:10)
Justice League # 27 (12:42)
Animal Man # 27 (19:55)
Batman & Two-Face # 27 (23:26)
Batman # 27 (28:00)

BATMAN_27 Icon_RealBooksbtman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 12/18/13

Now that we’ve got Animal Man in Space, when are we getting Animal Man Meets Archie or Animal Man vs. Dracula?

This week we review:
Thor: God of Thunder # 16 (1:30)
Samurai Jack # 4 (3:15)
The Superior Spider-Man # 24 (6:38)
Deadpool # 21 (11:15)
Wonder Woman # 26 (15:35)
Batman & Two-Face # 26 (19:08)
Animal Man # 26 (23:18)
Harley Quinn # 1 (27:40)

2zBT8Xa Icon_RealBooks btman 5

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 11/20/13

Clearly, “One More Day” is a direction that Animal Man needs to go. I mean, c’mon.

This week we review:
Red Hood and the Outlaws # 25 (1:20)
Batman & Two-Face # 25 (3:30)
Wonder Woman # 25 (7:36)
Animal Man # 25 (10:48)
Harley Quinn # 0 (13:28)
The Wake # 5 (out of 10) (16:38)


Real Books Don’t Have Batman 10/16/13

I like to imagine that Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire both sit in dark rooms rolling their fingers together deviously whilst brainstorming how to blow everyone’s minds.

This week we review:
Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion # 1 (1:00)
Batman/Superman # 4 (3:38)
Batman & Two-Face # 24 (8:12)
Wonder Woman # 24 (11:50)
The Superior Spider-Man # 19 (14:50)
Justice League of America # 8 (21:21)
Animal Man # 24 (25:12)

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Real Books Don’t Have Batman 8/21/13

I’m sorry for anyone we may have offended. We here at Real Books Don’t Have Batman have been notified that the “wolf-people” invading London preferred to be called “High Canine Americans”. Our condolences.

This week Frank and Deshawn review:
Batman Beyond Universe # 1 (1:00)
The Superior Spider-Man # 16 (4:50)
Wonder Woman # 23 (9:40)
Animal Man # 23 (12:30)
Justice League Dark # 23 (16:05)
Batman & Nightwing # 23 (20:22)
Superman Unchained # 3 (26:25)

WW_Cv23_2yk3guqxjh_ (2)



Alternate Reality – Episode 376


Alternate Reality – Episode #376

Comic Reviews

X-Men Legacy #14
Batman Annual #2
Animal Man Annual #2
Indestructible Hulk #11
Detective Comics Annual #2
Skyward #1
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Ultimate Facepalm 73: Punisher End of Days, Animal Man Annual Review and right in our Moriarty!



A bit of a downer before bringing you the upper. But isn’t that what life is all about?



G Money’s slow turn on phone technology

Superfluous electronic dealies on EVERYTHING!

Tranny Technology

Blind drivers

“Archie Martin Vox sign discovered on latest city dig”


UFP Crew Questions

–          Robert Tuffs strikes back!!!

–          Elysium looks INCREDIBLE!

–          Harrison Ford joining The Expendables 3

–          Chris Brown was a musician?

–          The 13 regenerations of Doctor Who

–          Happy Birthday for Michael “Boobs” Malone on August 10th!

–          Which is the best Venom?

–          Yes, Green Team IS a terrible idea

–          DC holding out for money



Queensland MP Peter Dowling a.k.a. Wine-Schlong!


Nerd News (@ 1 hr 14 mins)

–          Star Trek 3 scripting soon and NO Damon Lindelof!

–          Punisher End Of Days series scheduled for the end of the year release (we hope!)

–          Gerry Dugan on Nova while Zeb Well is off the title

–          Congrats to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner getting hitched!


–          Animal Man Annual

EPW State of Origin with special shout out to Dancin’ Lukey Bolland and “He’s a Nice Guy” Dan Moore

–          Muppet Sequel is looking pretty good

–          A LOOOOOOOONG wait for Street Fighter 5

–          Xbox is outing jerks and trolls!

–          Simpsons Lego series

Hellboy 3, Holly Willoughby Vs Katie Hopkins and Luigi’s Mansion 2: More popular than Reef Doctors





Back to our usual bloated near 2-hour format. Hope you enjoy the feast of bollocks talking!


Hipster news: Jim Kelly’s Passing

Bane is now a judge on So you think you can dance

C Bomb’s hate for MasterChef knows no bounds!

Official Statistic: Luigi’s Mansion 2 is more popular than Reef Doctors

Do people from Memphis hate Elvis?


UFP Crew questions

Movie review undertakings

Reminding people what a piece of sh*t Iron Man 3 was

New Perth comic store thoughts

When Pikachu isn’t Pikachu

Holly Willoughby loses her cool with Katie Hopkins in ANOTHER class row on ‘This Morning’


NEWS COMPLETELY sh*ts the bed on a story about a local surfer who got detained in the Congo


NERD NEWS @ 1hr and 1 min

DC’s Damian: Son of Batman

Rafael Albuquerque on art for Animal Man

Possible Disney Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon

Guillermo Del Toro pushing for another Hellboy movie or even an Abe Sapien or BRPD TV Series

Both Hideo Kojima and Kayne West endorsements for Pacific Rim

The Goon sequel in the works

The Last of Us devs answer dumb questions

G Money’s Comic Reviews!

–          Lazarus 4/5

–          Uncanny 4.5/5

–          Batman Superman Art: 5/5 Writing: 3.5/5

–          Superior Foes of Spiderman 4/5

–          What if? 2.5/5

Alternate Reality – Episode 370


Alternate Reality – Episode #370

Guess who’s back??? That’s right ladies and gents it none other than Chris Partin. Mr. Partin has finally gotten his life back in order and now he stands ready to tackle the tough chore of hosting Alternate Reality once more, and just in time too, cause we were low on reviews of ancillary independent titles that no one reads!!! This week’s reviews were all over the place. Charlie loved X-Factor as it winds down to its final issues, Jon was severely burned on Age of Ultron and vows revenge, and Chris talk about everything from zombies to Houdini. You don’t wanna miss a moment!!!


00:00:00 – Cold Open

Comic Reviews

00:08:23 – X-Factor #258
00:15:31 – Fanboys vs Zombies #15
00:21:02 – Age of Ultron #10
00:36:02 – Mara #5
00:38:34 – Captain Midnight #0
00:49:19 – Indestructible Hulk #9
00:55:55 – Animal Man #21
01:02:59 – After Houdini #1
01:15:29 – Superior Spider-Man #12

01:25:04 – Close Out

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Comic Book Road Show Jeff Lemire

We have returning guest Jeff Lemire to discuss the aftermath of the Rotworld arc on Animal Man. We also discuss the current character building run of Green Arrow and the New 10-Issue sci-fi series coming in 2013 limited series from Vertigo TRILLIUM. We dip into the upcoming Trinity War DC comic’s event and what it could mean for the DC 52 universe. We are now on Stitcher Radio This podcast is sponsored by Friendly Neighborhood Comics Discount Comic Book Services Instock Trades Join us on the forums at You can also join us on the Facebook group TaylorNetwork of podcasts Also we ask that if you have some time leave us a rating and or Itunes review because that helps us greatly to promote the show.

tumblr_luewslPfoA1qeenqto1_500 Green-Arrow_20_Full-665x1024 10.12.12JeffLemireByLuigiNovi1 wormwood1_02_00116ukh TRILLIUM-PROMO21


Comic Book Road Show