Just Another Fanboy Bonus – Come Get Some: Proof #10

Here we go with another bonus episode.
This week we go back to some time in 2008 and play Episode 74 of the original run of Just Another Fanboy.
In this episode I talk about a dream I had about joining the Army with the Half Hour Wasted guys, Brad and Frank. I also talk a bit about reading The Bourne Identity before I get into the big bunch of comics like Secret War, Ambush Bug: Year None #1, Daredevil #110, and Proof #10.
What I don’t talk about is the Princess Bride, despite the opening, which I must have put in there back then simply because I thought it was cool.
Many of the websites and phone numbers from this episode no longer exist. Especially the voicemail. Which was the only phone number, so I’m not sure why I used the plural.
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F BombCast 59: Are you going to go Yahweh

FBC Shirt3

Episode 59

Despite the episode title, there is no discussion of religion in this show,… that is unless you worship at the altar of METAL!!! The boys get into  lengthy discussion on the differences of Prog rock and Jam Bands. We take a stroll down “no Responsibility” lane as we recall our top five concert experiences. WE learn that Kevin is an asshole but never really why (do you even care the reason). Comics Discussed are Azreal 1, Hickman’s Fantastic Four, Ambush Bug 7, Sweet Tooth 1 & 2, and some other comic kevin was reading but to be honest i tuned him out about 40 minutes in, Seriously i don’t know how you guys do it week in and week out, Bravo Good sirs and ladies.

Available on iTunes, Zune whatever, and at http://www.fbombcast.com

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CCL Podcast #176 – A Look at DC Comics 2009 Collected Editions

Collected Comics Library Podcast #176

42,690Kb; 36m 12s


This week on the show I give a full rundown of the DC Comics January/1Q 2009 Collected Editions. I blogged about this a few days ago and I have yet to come up with a source for the list so take it with a grain (or chunk) of salt.

Also on the show I do a little eBay Sold Searching and you won’t believe just what are hot commodities and the final sold prices for the books.

Have an email question regarding what to do with damaged books that are bought at conventions; news on a brand new cool Prince Valiant retrospective; and is anyone buying the Marvel Illustrated books?

All this including the New Releases of the Week, what’s coming up on the next TwoMorrows Tune-In Podcast and a Kick-Ass (#1-2) giveaway – find out how to enter on the show.

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Chris Marshall

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