Wayne’s Comics Podcast #253: Ted Sikora, Sam Johnson, Frank Martin, Jack Montgomery

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Hope you had a Happy Halloween, and I hope you’ll still enjoy this Halloween Spectacular, Episode #253! You’ll hear my chat with Ted Sikora from Apama, where you’ll be able to follow the apamanation.com website and his Kickstarter project that concluded on Halloween Night, October 31. Then Sam Johnson returns to update us on his new Geek-Girl #1 comic, which became available Wednesday, November 2. You can find out more at this Facebook page. After that, Frank Martin is back, and he’s got a fascinating combination of novella and comic that will be perfect for your Halloween reading! Then everything wraps up with Jack Montgomery, artist on Sanguine Nights. We discuss the book in depth, and he tells us all how we can access and read this fascinating vampire story! You’ll find the sequence and times you can hear each interview during the podcast below:

  1. Ted Sikora, Apama                                                                       1:51
  2. Sam Johnson, Geek-Girl #1                                                        32:51
  3. Frank Martin, Skin Deep and Ordinary Monsters                 1:04:13
  4. Jack Montgomery, Sanguine Knights                                       1:33:01

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #227 With Sam Johnson And Mike Gagnon

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Almighties, Amass, Ms. F, Mike Gagnon, Sam Johnson, Avengers, parody, R-rating, President Barack Obama, Maxi-Tron, Mason, Nite Fang, Stefanos, Deadpool, Joe Cyborg, White House, Agent Coleslaw, Wayne Winston, Joey-Anne the Hooker,

Almighties Amass! This week’s episode features the return of indie comics creators Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon as they update us on their Almighties series, including a new R-rated version of one of their books now available! We discuss the series and the characters included in these books, which has graduated from a parody comic to an adventure comic in its own right! We also talk about the other projects both of them are working on. I admit it – I got a little carried away with the R-rating at times, but it’s all in good fun to promote Sam and Mike’s excellent product! To get your copies, go to their AlmightiesAmass.com website, at their Facebook group at this location or digitally at comixology.com! If you’re already a fan of The Almighties or even if you aren’t yet, you’re going to enjoy what they have to say, so don’t miss it!


Wayne’s Comics Podcast #179 With Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson, Geek-Girl, Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junke Hitwoman, Almighties, Actuality Press

This week in Episode 179, prolific comics creator Sam Johnson returns to the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, talking about when we can expect new issues of Geek-Girl and Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman! Then we discuss his book The Almighties and how things are progressing with that title as well!  To purchase Sam’s excellent product,  go to this link at Actuality Press! Don’t miss them!


Wayne’s Comics #115 With Sam Johnson And Mike Gagnon From ‘The Almighties’

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Almighties, Sam Johnson, Geek-Girl, Cabra Cini, December, Marvel, DC, Origins II,

The Almighties are back, and moving in a new direction!

Creators Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon join me for an entertaining interview about the comic, its characters, and its future. Recently, they released The Almighties Origins, a free seven-page digital comic you can obtain through their website, thealmighties.com. Also, both talk about their upcoming projects, including Sam’s Geek-Girl and Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hit Woman. Be sure to listen!

Then everything wraps up with a look at recent news, including December’s sales numbers, Cullen Bunn’s latest DC Comics project, and Image Expo 2014!

Be back next week for my fun interview with Joshua Fialkov, one of the creators behind Dark Horse’s Skyman!


Wayne’s Comics #79 With Sam Johnson From ‘Geek-Girl’

Geek-Girl, Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman, Mr. Mash-Up, Sam Johnson, Almighties, Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Gianluca Glazer

This week, comics creator Sam Johnson is back, talking about special issues of Geek-Girl and Mr. Mash-Up that will be available online very soon! We also discuss Cabra Cini, Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman, and what’s in store for her, then Sam talks about several current Marvel NOW! comics. I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to our conversation! To find out more about what Sam is working on, go to this link! To order your Geek-Girl comics, go to geekgirlcomics.com!

Then I review this week’s comics, and everything wraps up with Gianluca Glazer joining me to talk about the latest ‘News & Previews!’

Don’t miss Episode 79 of the Wayne’s Comics podcast!