Comics Alternative, Episode 211: Halloween Comics 2016

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It’s the Wednesday before Halloween, so it’s time once again for the Two Guys with PhDs to look at this season’s spooky, horror-filled offerings. This year, Andy and Derek discuss 10 individual titles, some of which were specifically published for Halloween 2016 and others with particular themes and release dates that nicely coincide with the holiday. They begin with four all-age anthology titles and then move on to works that, while not specifically intended as Halloween specials, capture the spirit of the season  in one form or another. In total, they discuss:


Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 59.1: Halloween Special 2013

Trick or Treating Has Never Been So Graphic

The Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics return with their 2013 Halloween Special! In this episode, Gene and Derek discuss a variety of this year’s Halloween special issues, very recent horror titles, and series annuals themed to the season. (We know, we know…Halloween Classics: Graphic Classics, Vol. 23 came out in 2012, but we weren’t able to discuss this book last year, so we wanted to be sure we did so this time around.) They cover a lot of ground, highlighting as many new Halloween titles as they can, recommending most with a severed thumbs up. The titles they discuss include:Halloween2013

So put on your favorite homemade costume, slap on a little ghoulish greasepaint, grab your pumpkin head bucket, walk like a zombie, and enjoy the sweet, nougaty treats (no tricks here) of The Comics Alternative 2013 Halloween Special!

The music in this special Halloween episode is brought to you by
the various versions of “Mr. Ghost Goes to Town,” especially
Vic Mizzy’s in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken soundtrack

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