Comic News Insider Episode 581 – Resurrecting Fred Van Lente


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Reviews: Bigger Bang #1, Django/Zorro #1, The Kitchen #1

Jon Hoche returns to join Jimmy in studio to fill the rotating co-host chair. Jimmy shares his cameo appearance in his pal Grace Helbig’s recent video and they wish a big happy 86th anniversary to Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Special guest Fred Van Lente also joins the guys to chat about his extensive writing career in comics. We cover much including his early work to his massive Marvel comics up to his current new Dark Horse series Resurrectionists.  Fred also has great tips on writing for all of you budding writers out there. And we bring back the old CNI questionnaire to find out some of Fred’s favorite superhero onomatopoeia and catch phrases. It’s a lengthy episode but chock full of FVL goodness! Apologies for rushing at the end though. Jon and Jimmy had to bust out to go see an advanced screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service (Thanks Mark Millar!). Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Fred Van Lente

Crotch Shots, and More!

VanLenteOn this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, Andy and Derek speak with writer Fred Van Lente. They begin by asking him about his work on the recent Dark Horse title, Brain Boy — a revamp of the short-lived 1960s character — and how he translated the title for a contemporary audience. VanLenteComicsVan Lente also shares a bit of insight into his upcoming reboot of Magnus: Robot Fighter, part of Dynamite Entertainment’s new Gold Key line, as well as his plans for the new Action Presidents series. The Two Guys also talk with Fred about his run on Archer and Armstrong and the early humorous titles he created with Ryan Dunlavey, the comics that really put him on the map: Action Philosophers and The Comic Book History of Comics. They spend a lot of time focusing on Fred’s special sense of humor, his meticulous research, and his melding of abstract thoughts and tangible — and very entertaining — storytelling. All in all, Derek and Andy had a good time talking with the acclaimed author…and their conversation ended right when Fred needed to take his shepherd’s pie out of the oven. The Two Guys are  nothing if not timely!

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