Comic News Insider Episode 427 – Yet Even More SDCC: Supernatural!

Comic News Insider: Episode 427 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Beasts Of Burden Neighborhood Watch, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #1, First X-Men #1, Love And Capes What To Expect #1, Epileptic

It seems the San Diego Comic Con coverage will never end! Roving reporter Melissa attended the roundtables for the hit show Supernatural and chatted with stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, and Mark Sheppard. Along with creator Ben Edlund and showrunner Jeremy Carver.  The sound for the interviews isn’t great but still lots of good content! Wear your forgiveness headphones and enjoy! Good pal Jenny sits in the rotating co-host chair this week and discusses why reading Epileptic was so personal and moving for her. News includes: Society of Illustrators acquire MoCCA, Marvel Now! creators announced, 2000AD goes day/date digitally, New SyFy series from Shyamalan/Noxon and Fuller, and Jonathan Luna returns solo. As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Tune in Thursday to hear the roundtables for Breaking Bad! And then again on Saturday for the roundtables for the upcoming new Fox drama The Following!

Comic News Insider Episode 410 – Heroes Con Bound!

Comic News Insider: Episode 410 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1, Kiss: Dressed to Kill #1, Spider-Men #1

Jimmy flies solo as he’s madly prepping for Heroes Con this weekend! Slow news week so he discusses some of the highlights of the upcoming convention in Charlotte, NC. Always a favorite show. CNI will have a table as usual and getting lots of interviews! Jimmy is also moderating a couple of awesome panels (one with Bill Willingham/Scott Snyder and the other with Steve Niles/Bernie Wrightson) so come on by if you’re attending! As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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Tune in Friday for a special “Conversation with Frisky & Mannish” episode! Another crossover with Stated Magazine for your earholes! 

Burnt Weiners – Jims Indie Rack 003

Jim’s back this week with more news and reviews on all things independent.

He discusses excitement on the upcoming D.B. Cooper series, Accent UK’s recent release of Predators, and more!

Reviews this week:

Monsters (Accent UK)

Spontaneous #3 (Oni Press)

Wolves ( Becky Cloonan)

Sites mentioned:

Shane Oakley blog:
Adventure Podcast:
Becky Cloonan Webstore:

Intro music by Adam Warrock
Outro music by Art of Kanly (contact Jim if you’d like to hear more!)

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Burnt Weiners – Jims Indie Rack Episode 001

Jim and John sit down to talk very broadly about indie comics and then chat about the comics that pulled Jim in that direction and ones that keep his money out of Marvel and DC’s hands. Jim’s show will be focusing more on the creator owned, indie, self published, web comic and various other small publishing titles and creators.

Intro & Outro Music:
Adam Warrock – “Salt Water Taffy”

Jim’s 5 To Read
– Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man (Accent UK)
– Cla$$war (Com.X)
– Ghost Projekt (Oni Press)
– Wolfmen/Fall Of The Wolfmen (Accent UK)
– Salt Water Taffy (Oni Press)

Comics Reviewed:
– Spontaneous #1 & #2 available from Oni Press
– Holy Terror #2 available at

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Burnt Weiners Episode 075 Flashpoint #2 – Fear Itself #3 – Reed Gunther #1

DC has big news, and we practically ignore it during the show! Not because we are against it, but more due to the fact that we are all taking a wait and see approach, but Bo will kill people if Lobo doesn’t get his own title and Weed will break arms if Secret Six with Gail Simone doesn’t return. John is gonna slobber on you while you sleep no matter what happens! Plenty of comics to talk about.


Into and Outro music:
Vanguard – Flash Gordon (Remix)

0:02:40 – Genecy #1 (Invision Comics)
0:11:38 – Weird Worlds #6 (DC)
0:16:24 – Secret Six #34
0:22:10 – Moriarty #1 (Image)
0:26:25 – Reed Gunther (Image)
0:31:45 – DC Universe Online #7 (DC)
0:32:14 – Flashpoint Secret Seven #1 (DC)
0:36:45 – Flashpoint #2 (DC)
0:44:40 – Flashpoint Batman Knights of Vengeance #1 (DC)
0:50:40 – Criminal Last of the Innocents #1 (Icon)
0:54:05 – Daken #9.1 (Marvel)
0:54:28 – Solomon Kane #3 (Dark Horse)
0:55:40 – Fear Itself #3 (Marvel)
0:56:50 – Crossed 3D (Avatar Press)
1:03:15 – Strange Times, Tales of the Parents Basement and wrap up!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 061 Crossed Family Values #7

The insanity and debauchery of Avatar Press Comics finally strolls into the spotlight on the Burnt Weiners Podcast with the last issue of Crossed: Family Values! Bo and John have been fans since the beginning, will Weed jump on to the horrible bandwagon?

Weed has his pullbox full this week with I Zombie #10 (Vertigo), DC Universe Online Legends #1, Brightest Day #19 (DC) and Weird Worlds (DC). Then also reports in with a blast from the past with a Daredevil issue from 1988!

Bo checks in with Fall Of The Wolfmen (Accent UK) and Forty-Five (ComX). John puts off bathing to read Ghostopolis (Scholastic) and Jesus Hates Zombies (215).

And before the show wraps up, a quick discussion on some recent turrmoils between Penny Arcade and online bloggers.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 060 Star Wars Darth Vader And The Lost Command #1

Darth Vader is center stage in the new Star Wars comic from Dark Horse. Will his brutal methods allow him to both punish Jedi’s and do what the Empire needs? And will John’s autoerotic asphyxiation fan fiction of the masked villian be accepted by the Star Wars community?

Steege checks out Kick-Puncher from the Community Season 1 DVD Set. Excitement is in the air, as Weed tells us that Skullkickers (Image) finally includes some kicks to the skulls!

Bo brings up Magneto (Marvel) which sparks a discussion about the origins of characters, before diving deep into the Robots Anthology (Accent UK). Doug TenNaple has snared John in his trap of awesome comics with Creature Tech (Image) and the online comic Ratfist (!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 055 Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man

What would you do if you could step out of time and had to save thousands upon thousands of people from a bomb? The Weiners take a look at Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man from Accent UK, which takes a look at that very question. And here is a spoiler . . . WE LOVE THIS COMIC!

Weed checks out Spike #3 (IDW) and then leers for far too long at Lady Mechanika #1 (Aspen). Then moving onto Weed’s Stash, he fondly recollects his time with a choose your own adventure book.

Gronch in hand, Bo is excited about picking up the Orc Stain TPB (Image), and disgrees with John’s love of Thunder Agents #2 (DC) and First Wave #5 (DC). Also a few web comic updates are chit chatted about.

Thor and Jane Foster take John on a magical rainbow ride in THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER TPB (Marvel), before he talks about Justice League Generation Lost #15 (DC) and DCU Holiday Special 2010 #1 (DC).

Bo ends the show with a bit of Crossed talk and sings us a little song from the book!

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