Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #119: Comics x3 = Avengers! Thunderbolts! Iron Man!

Episode #119

First there was nothing, then everything, and now there’s NOW! That’s deep. This week on the podcast, we review Marvel Comics’ Avengers #1, Thunderbolts #1 and Iron Man #3. Listen in!


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F BombCast 98: Live From Charlotte

Episode 98
Better late than never folks, Due to a screwup by libsyn i was unable to post this on its normal day but here it is for you in all its bad audio quality. Recorded the first night in Charlotte back in June, this show returns the F bombcast to some of its racially charged roots. Not a whole lot of comics are discussed but movies are represented in earnest. Avatar gets the whole once over by Kev and Dave, is it Politically charged leftist garbage that just looks nice, or is it a fun Sci Fi flick that is pretty, i think you can figure out who said what. I really do not remember what else is discussed other than Teeth, a cozy little film about a vagina with teeth. Enjoy folks.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 025 Spawn #197


The Weiners take a look at Spawn #197 for a very special Mothers’ Day podcast! Marriages and lives may be ruined because of a card Bo made! Talk moves to Trash Humpers and The Diary of Anne Frank Part 2, then the Weiners class up talk by talking about Dominion (board game), D&D, the upcoming Alan Wake game and Steege makes it a goal to play Deadly Premonition.

John talks about Sixth Gun (Oni Press), Thirteen Steps (Desperado Comics), Buck Rogers Future Shock (Dynamite Press), and has a ton of fun with Gearhead (Arcana). Weed talks about Abyss (Red 5), Buffy, Captain Blood Odyssey(SLG), and finally takes a look at Elephantmen. Box 13, We Kill Monsters, Zombie Highway, Hack N’ Slash, I Zombie(which brings up talk about some gross stories), and Brightest Day #1.

Weed keeps yapping about Unwritten #12 which he finally got a hold of. Bo then finally gets back on his Star Trek trek, and talks about how Crossed (Avatar Press) makes his soul hurt, and talks about wantin to check out more Spider-Man.

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