The Grawlix Podcast #69: AAAlias

Grawlix Podcast #69 ImageJessica Jones month continues! The Grawlix Podcast review Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 as well as discuss 90s comics… well, mostly 90s comic books anyhow. Enjoy!

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Show Notes


00:00 – Intro/Greetings


03:52 – Deadpool 2 (No Spoilers), Movie Trailer Live Stream
06:42 – Electronic Media Collective Replay Stream, Myspace Memories


14:22 – 90s Comics! Topic picked by our Patreon Puppet Enthusiast Trinity Mathews. You can also pull our strings by becoming a Patreon supporter at the Puppet Enthusiast level!


39:04 – Next Poll List Pick – Infinity Gauntlet
43:58 – Jessica Jones: Alias Vol. 1 (Alias #1-9)


1:13:48 – Letters Page
1:14:22 – Recent and Upcoming Grawlix Cinematic Universe Episodes
1:16:27 – Woohooligan Kickstarter Shout-Out
1:18:50 – Outro

Links Mentioned

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Woohooligan Vol 2: Laugh It Forward, Jokes for Justice! Kickstarter
Twist My Arm Podcast
Roman Pod and Cast
Neil and Johnny Drink in the Park

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