Sidekickcast Episode #26 – One Year Later (A Tale of Two Mikeys)

Happy 1st Birthday Sidekickcast, can’t believe it’s been a year already? Neither can we, especially when some special friends send their congratulations. And how do your hosts Gavin (The Boneman) and Dan (Marshall Law) celebrate? The only way we know how with a truck load of comics, some beer and the company of two of our favourite Sidekicks Mikey Bumchin and Lil’ Fat Mikey.

We could not have packed more into this week’s review-a-thon Stack Attack if we tried and believe me, we tried. We hit: 28 Days Later #1, Flash: Rebirth #4, X-Force #18, Cable #18, Starnge Tales #1, North 40 #2, The Last Resort #2 and Batman: Streets of Gotham #1-3.

In a special UK edition of Secrets and Lies; our comic book news quiz Dan leads a full frontal assault armed to the teeth with comic geekery in an attempt to catch up to the evil quizmaster. We end the show by closing up the recent spate of Elseworld titles and The Losers vol.2 in Knowing Me, Knowing You and catch up on the comic book fortunes of our welcome guests. Out-takes a plenty after the outro music and thanks for listening, one year in the making.