Comic Book Pitt #38 – The Mouse of Ideas

fantastic four 570

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The House of the Mouse buys The House of Ideas! That’s right, the big news this week is the purchase of Marvel Entertainment by Disney, which we discuss in the beginning of this episode along with a couple of other topics.

Comics reviewed this week: Amazing Spider-Man #603, Batman and Robin #3, Blackest Night: Titans #1, Dark Avengers #8, Detective Comics #856, Fantastic Four #570, Gotham City Sirens #3, New Mutants #4, The Red Circle: The Shield #1, and The Red Circle: The Web #1.

Other BIG news which we forgot to mention in the episode: AiT/Planet Lar publisher Larry Young will be attending 24 Hour Comic Book Day at Time Tunnel on October 3/4. Larry will be hanging out, reviewing portfolios, and according to his website, may even put pen to paper himself. Free copies of True Facts, Larry’s pocket guide to self-publishing comic books, will be available to at least the first 25 creators taking part in the event.

Cover scans of all the books reviewed in this episode can be found here.

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