Comic News Insider Episode 634 – SDCC Interruption aka Proof of Life!


Comic News Insider: Episode 634 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Archie: Sharknado One-Shot, Doctor Who: Four Doctors #1, Invader Zim #1, King #1, Star Wars: Lando #1, Fear the Walking Dead TV series, Fantastic Four film

Jimmy decides to take a break from all of the massive SDCC coverage to hit you up with some reviews and news from the past few weeks! It’s a quickie solo episode as it’s very last minute. We’ve been playing nothing but SDCC related podcasts and miss reviewing comics and sharing the news so we thought we’d jump back into the fray with a last regular format show. We know you missed hearing Jimmy’s beautiful voice. Well, okay…he missed recording. News includes:

  • Adam McKay & Funny or Die are teaming with Archie Comics for an Archie musical.
  • Judge Dredd: America collected edition is finally available in actual America.
  • MoCCA announces new venue/dates.
  • New production company Modern Prometheus will adapt Paul Pope’s The One Trick Rip-Off to film.
  • Disney is releasing a giant Miyazaki blu-ray collection in November.
  • Matt Ryan’s Constantine will make an appearance in an upcoming Season 4 episode of Arrow.
  • Chris Pine will be Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film.
  • Tom Hardy will produce and possibly star in an adaptation of the Vertigo comic series 100 Bullets.
  • The sides have been chosen for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.
  • And much more!

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He’s Got Issues #169.2: DC Comics, 4/15/15


  • American Vampire Second Cycle #7
  • Convergence #2 (Of 8)
  • Convergence Aquaman #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Batman Shadow Of The Bat #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Catwoman #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Green Arrow #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Green Lantern Parallax #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Justice League International #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Suicide Squad #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Superboy #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Supergirl Matrix #1 (Of 2)
  • Convergence Superman The Man Of Steel #1 (Of 2)
  • Infinite Crisis The Fight For The Multiverse #10
  • The Kitchen #6 (Of 8)
  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #9
  • Strange Sports Stories #2 (Of 4)
  • Teen Titans Go #9


  • 100 Bullets Volume 2 TP
  • Astro City The Dark Age Volume 1 Brothers And Other Strangers TP (New Printing)
  • Batman Adventures Mad Love Deluxe Edition HC
  • Deadshot Bulletproof TP
  • Earth 2 Volume 4 The Dark Age TP
  • Earth 2 Volume 5 The Kryptonian HC
  • Filth Deluxe Edition HC
  • Frank Miller’s Ronin Gallery Edition HC
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two Volume 1 TP
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two Volume 2 HC
  • SHAZAM A Celebration Of 75 Years HC
  • Top 10 TP (You Tube Channel) (Podcast) (Facebook)



Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick Episode 39 Part 1: Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Blood

This month’s Trade Your Pick selection is all about Wonder Woman in the new 52. I decided to cover Volume 1: Blood and Volume 2: Guts to give myself and you guys a more comprehensive vision of the character. So this Trade Your Pick episode will be broken up into two parts to give both volumes there proper due and focus. As always I do a detailed review of the book and talk all things surrounding it. Enjoy!

Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick Episode 37: 100 Bullets Vol. 8: The Hard Way TP

This month’s Trade Your Pick selection is 100 Bullets Vol. 8: The Hard Way TP. As always I do a detailed review of the book and talk all things surrounding it. Enjoy!

Comic News Insider Episode 462 – TED Talks

Comic News Insider: Episode 462 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Batman Incorporated #8, Five Weapons #1, Uncanny Skullkickers #1, Amalas Blade #0, Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 #0.1, Rocketeer Hollywood Horror #1

Jimmy is back in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida and as is tradition, old highschool/college best pal Ted joins him as co-host! The boys discuss the hit viral Wonder Woman fan trailer, some NPR Cliffnotes and the recent episode of The Walking Dead. Ted discusses his toy  collection and first trade show as a retailer. News includes: MonkeyBrain Comics will come to print, some quick TV/Film bits like a possible new Tomb Raider film, Megan Fox in the new TMNT movie, Pushing Daisies to air on Chiller and Tim Curry joins the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon. LOTS of Emerald City Comic Con news including Gail Simone writing a new Red Sonja book, a new 100 Bullets prequel called Brother Lono from the original creators, Joe Madureira returns to WolverineWest Coast Ultimates starring Ultimate Wonder Man, Black Knight and others,  Dark Horse Comics makes ongoing series out of X, Ghost, The Victories and Captain Midnight,  and IDW will bring 3 new GI Joe titles along with an updated X-Files comic series. Phew! Must have been a busy convention! Also, Jimmy hears from Sean Wang about his Runners Kickstarter. Go support it! As always, listener feedback, Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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The Pull List podcast #224: PUNISHER #10 / NIGHTWING #8 / 100 BULLETS VOL 5 TPB

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0:00:00 – Spoiler warning

0:04:02 – PUNISHER #10
0:16:38 – NIGHTWING #8

0:24:43 – The Stacks:
0:29:02 – SHADOW #1
0:32:09 – SUPER DINOSAUR #10
0:33:16 – PROPHET #24
0:35:29 – WONDER WOMAN #8
0:38:17 – TMNT: LEONARDO #1
0:39:46 – FREEDOM #1
0:40:59 – SIXTH GUN #21
0:42:40 – X-FACTOR #234
0:43:20 – NEW MUTANTS #41
0:43:56 – Top of The Stacks
0:45:26 – Pull Quote

0:46:40 – Trade Offs: 100 BULLETS VOL 5 TPB

Comic Book Pitt #81 – Grinding Gears

It truly is the season of Festivus, as both Dan and the Duke air some grievances. Duke takes umbrage with Marvel’s current polybagging of the Ultimate titles while Dan realizes that going back and rereading The Walking Dead from the beginning isn’t as easy as he thought.

Of course there is some comic talk, as D & D review Defenders #1, Mouse Guard The Black Axe #3, Valen the Outcast #1 and Irredeemable #32. There’s also some books reviewed from the recent past; 100 Bullets Vol. 5: The Counterfifth Detective and Captain Britain and MI:13.


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Wrapped In Plastic # 147 – Crimewave

On this one I talk crime comics, Ocean’s 11-13 and Kane & Lynch.

Comic News Insider Episode 340 – Galactic Girl w/ Jon Hoche & Erica Swindell!

Comic News Insider: Episode 340 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews:  Alpha Flight Vol 4 #1, Wonder Woman And The Furies #1, Godzilla: Gangsters & Goliaths #1, Super 8, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Galactic Girl in: Attack of the Starbarians

Jimmy is joined by frequent guest host Jon Hoche and Erica Swindell. They are the stars of the hit play Galactic Girl in: Attack of the Starbarians, part of the local Comic Book Theater Festival. They give congrats to Jim Lee and Carla on the baby news and Jimmy is working on putting together a comprehensive list of all of the interviews done in the past! News includes: Image Comics to use rating system, 100 Bullets heads to television, Uncanny X-Men will return, Frank Miller brings Holy Terror, and TV/Film casting notices. As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!



F BombCast 124: 1st Rule of Viking Chess Club

We may not have our normal Manning, but we do have THE MANning. We learn today that Stephen king is a great writer according to kev, despite the fact that he can only name 4 of the 5 million books he has written. Complete honesty here, I have no clue what the hell we talked about. Dr. Who, Wild Pig, Comic Sale, Computers, Friends, Lamps, Tony Awards, Destructive Baby stories and more. We did manage to get some comics in. Hack/Slash, X-Factor 217, and 100 Bullets Vol 1. Enjoy!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 018 Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers Unleashed

The guys check out the latest offering from Marvels ever expanding all ages titles, this one being Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers Unleashed! Then TRAVIS SLAPS JOHN IN THE FACE! No really, check it out, it has a pretty sweet sound to it. The shows gets slightly raunchier to countract the family friendly comic they are reveiwing. The Weiners then talk about Pride of Baghdad, 100 Bullets, Unwritten, Criminal Sinners, Star Trek TNG, Bozo The Clown, Iron West, Jonah Hex, and Andy Griffith. And then some listener mail about how unprofessional some of the guests of the show are!

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