WMD 110 with Jeff Preston

This week WMD is pleased to welcome illustrator and fellow monster fiend Jeff Preston to the Monster Cave® to chat with us about his work and his love of monsters. Before the show be sure to check out http://jeffpreston.net to gander at his beautiful on line portfolio.
We’ll also have an update from friend of the show Erik Hendrix regarding his books The Citizens and Faction from Carpet Bomb Comics.
Other topics will include the Green Lantern costume being revealed. Do we like it? Do you? Updates from San Diego Comic Con International as well as whatever happens in the world between now and Wednesday night.
As we do every week, we’ll also be reviewing the new comics on the shelves at Strange Adventures, new movies on the screen at Empire Theatres and trying to unload our Geek Cred t-shirts upon the unwashed masses.

WCR Episode #19 “The Impostor’s Daughter”

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“The Impostors Daughter”

Laurie Sandel

When a girlfriend recommends a GN, I jump on it. I ordered this book and made it my pick before even reading, based on the recommendation of a friend, the author of the blog “bookends” .

The book is the autobiography of a woman who is dealing with her larger than life father. She has many life experiences as she swims her way through the lies he has told her as a child.

This book, despite its difficult subject matter, is a light read. You learn about relationships, how she deal with drugs, and get the inside scoop on her interviews with famous celebrities.

This is a good gateway book, but is also fun for experienced GN readers. The art is simple and cartoony, but gets across the expressions and character’s attitudes well. It is a page turner, in my opinion.

To be honest, I am not sure where you can buy the book, we got it off Amazon, as I think the comic shops are not really stocked in GN’s like this, but if you order it, your in for a fun, entertaining, and thought provoking read. Check our sidebar for the link to the Amazon Store.



WCR Episode #17 – “Proof”

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If you believe in monsters… you need evidence… wait that’s not it…

Proof   Vol. 1 from Image comics by Alexander Greician and Reily Rossmo

Proof, at it’s heart is a detective story but as you add on the
wonderfully written layers of script and amazing, if not necessarily
orthodox, art, Proof is a detective book like no other!

The book has two main characters, John “Proof” Prufrock, a Sasquatch
and lead detective/investigator for “The Ranch”, and Ginger Brown, a
FBI agent who is transferred out to the ranch after having a run-in
with a Golem.

It is important to note that if you have read this in single issues
prior to picking it up in trade, that the order had been changed. This
being one of the few book that I originally picked up in trade first I
have no idea what the differences are, but I assure you they’re there!

WCR Episode #16 – “V for Vendetta”

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Alan Moore Month Continues with V for Vendetta!


BY Alan Moore and David Lloyd

There’s no denying Alan Moore’s literary brilliance, and V for Vendetta is a strong addition to his library of works. This is one of his more realistic stories, drawing strength from his vision of how things could be in the future, but from a 1980’s mindset.  Obviously, things didn’t quite turn out the way he envisioned, but I don’t think he meant the story to be a prophecy of what was to come, but what could come.  It tells us of dystopian life in the UK after nuclear war. The government is a fascist one and the populace is kept in check with violence and methods of control, not that much different from the Nazis during WWII.  In fact, eerily similar. From the concentration camps, population curfews, extermination of alternative lifestyles and racism, it resonates Nazi-ism.  Only this time, there is no allied forces to the rescue, only V.

V is an anarchist, resolving to terrorism to bring down the fascist government. He’s a complex character, an intellectual who communicates in poetic riddles, a brilliant tactician in complete control of his emotions. There’s also strong elements of madness to his persona. His identity is mostly kept secret behind a smiling mask and his attire appears influenced from the famous 16th/17th century restorationist, Guy Fawkes.  In fact, that influence goes much farther as V does everything that Fawkes failed at, and more. He has resorted to doing whatever must be done to topple the government, and his ingenious plot is carried out with precise deliverance throughout the story.  You will be hard pressed to find a deeper anti-hero in any story.

Moore writes heavy politics into V for Vendetta , fleshing out the layers of the government for us to digest. At times, it can be confusing and complicated as to the agenda’s of the people involved, but it’s all done intelligently.  There was times I felt that I wasn’t educated enough to follow it all with a clear understanding, but I got through. It’s a long read, covering 3 books with about 10 chapters per book, and I’d advise anyone to take their time soaking it all in. Lloyd’s art is ok, a throwback to the 80’s style with minimal colors used, but I found that complemented the stories dark, depressing setting. Looking back at it all, I still find myself with many elements to meditate on, so if you’re the intellectual type, you should really get something out of reading this. I did, and I don’t consider myself an intellectual.  It’s a great book that deserves a chance, and another hit from the man himself. Keep ‘em coming Mr. Moore, but I think we’ll be taking a break from your mind-thrashing tales at WCR for a while. That doesn’t mean we don’t love you anymore though.


The Proof is out there, and Mike will show us why next week. Following that will be Parker: The Hunter!

WCR Episode #15 – “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 2”

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So this is our official second volume episode, this clearly follows our inaugural episode. I hope we got better!

If you know anything about me, then you know I don’t have much time for reading. Sometimes, it feels I don’t have much time for anything…but I digress. Time, being valuable, has forced me to be choosy about which books I pick up. This one, lying around for a few months, was one I read a couple pages of, but could never seem to make significant progress on, until, well the middle section. Listen to the podcast to find out why.
Yup folks, Im that base. I do like a little Romance between the pages. I also like strong character, and some gritty details. Some literary intellectualism, and english accents pretty much sums it up for me. In the end, I totally got into this book in a big way. Talk about fun!
Being the second volume, Moore could delve into the story and the characters, without having to introduce everyone. We learn to love Hyde, while hating Griffin. There are bad-ass Aliens and a great opening sequence on (you guessed it) Mars. Even though the book is high;y fantastical, it has a grit and sense of reality that takes you down a notch and keeps you thinking. Its critical,while being fun, “Tongue in cheek”, I think, is the expression.
The art is wonderful, just like the first book. It has, again a rough quality, that paints Quartermain’s naked body a little too clearly, while leaving us guessing about Mina’s beauty. I love his cityscapes and the detail in all the images. I cant get enough of this art!
OK, I recommend this book, and would love to hear what you think. Read, and enjoy.

Next Week – Martin continues the Alan Moore Theme with “V for Vendetta”. Following that, Mike has the PROOF about great comics!

WCR Episode #13 – “Fear Agent: Vol 3”

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Fear Agent vol. 3: The Last Good-bye

Our story picks up immediately following Fear Agent Vol 2, just after our hero, Heath Houston learns that his wife has left him for another fear agent.  He hit “the bottle” hard, which is sadly not anything out of the norm for Heath.  His current partner in crime, Mara, knocks on his door with no answer and enters Heath’s room only to find him not there. Mara looks outside to find him sitting on the edge of a cliff, drinking vodka from a straw, overlooking a large graveyard, which we can assume is the burial site for those lost in the resistance …… Read more at