Yamagato Industries Business Report – Issue #84: Mongo Hates Monsters

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We’re new to the Comics Podcast Network, so let me introduce us. We’re 3 (sometimes more) dudes from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas. We do our podcast through Skype and tend to talk about anything and everything, but usually try to remain as comic or anime centric as possible. We also have a cool webcomic we do in conjunction with our podcast that you can check out here. Oh, and as for our name? Never mind that, we just tried to pick something as ridiculously Japanese sounding as possible that also had a hint of Comic books to it. We offer both video & audio podcasts. Usually our videos are pretty basic and just a way for us to get dough (like 2 dollars a year if we’re lucky) via ads on Blip, but when we start actually discussing artwork or specific trailers or anything, we’ll add them to the video so you can follow along at home!

Join the guys for some Comic Talk as well as clearing up a little something on “New” Nick Fury. We also find out that Mongo hates monster comics. What’s up with that?!

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