Wayne’s Comics Podcast #451: Interviews with Jonathan Hedrick and Greg Anderson-Elysee

In Episode 451, it’s another great Kickstarter doubleheader! Everything kicks off with the return of Jonathan Hedrick from Freakshow Princess and Capable! Jonathan has a Kickstarter happening right now to support Freakshow Knight, a one-shot described this way: “A former convict finds himself a defender of those living among the undead.” We talk about how this compares to his previous Freakshow comic as well as what he has in mind for further Freakshow offerings. We also look ahead to what else Jonathan has coming our way!

Then everything wraps up with my fun conversation with Greg Anderson-Elysee from Is’nana The Were-Spider! Greg has a Kickstarter happening right now to support his latest book Is’nana the WereSpider: Showtime, and here’s how this book is described: “Is’nana the Were-Spider finds himself squared up against his next challenge: breakdancing in the streets of New York City!” We discuss just who Is’nana is as well as the various characters he’s met in this successful franchise that goes where no other comic I’ve ever read has gone before! Greg also talks about what he has coming for Is’nana in the future, so you won’t want to miss what he has to say!

Be sure to head to Kickstarter and support both of these worthy projects as soon as you finish listening to this podcast!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #450: Interviews with Ben Slabak and Rodney Fyke

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, HdE, Rodney Fyke, Roadkill Rampage, Kickstarter, Ace, Tess, raccoon, horror, Hazzum, Nia, Tr’u, Ken, Brazil, Exilium, Latin, science fiction, sci-fi, Earth,

Time for another great Kickstarter doubleheader this week in special Episode 450! It all starts with Ben Slabak from Exilium, who has a Kickstarter underway to support the first issue of season 2 of this excellent science-fiction series! The issue is described this way: “The second series continues right where we left off in season one and is sure to be another wild ride as the trio of Nia, Tr’u, and Ken are called upon in aid of the very foe they had spent most of their lives fighting against. ” We discuss the series, what Ben has in mind for the characters and this universe, and what we can expect in the upcoming season! Be sure to support this terrific project after you listen to this episode!

Then everything wraps up with my great chat with Rodney Fyke from Roadkill Rampage! His Kickstarter for the debut issue of this series recently completed successfully, so we look back at how it went and also delve into the book, its characters, and even the animals involved!  His series is described like this: “Roadkill Rampage is a mature horror story following the journey of Ace and Tess, a young couple taking a drive out to the country. Ace being the quintessential bad boy likes fast cars and hot chicks. His classic car and Tess meet both those qualifications. Unfortunately for Tess, Ace has a dark side that she is unaware of. Will they make it out alive?” You can purchase the first issue in this series by going to his website at this address.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #449: Mike Maihack

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Cleopatra, Cleopatra in Space, Mike Maihack, NBCUniversal, Brian, Akila, Octavian, Callie, Antony, Egypt, Scholastic, Graphix, Queen of the Nile, cat, pharaoh, Khensu, Peacock

This week in Episode 449, I have a fun interview with creator Mike Maihack from Cleopatra in Space, a wonderful Indie series of graphic novels that recently released the sixth and concluding book called “Queen of the Nile!” It’s described this way: “The time has come for Cleo to fulfill the ancient prophecy that declares her a savior and a hero, a prophecy she still struggles to accept. Cleo is joined by both old and new friends as they fight to defend the galaxy she’s come to call home against the evil Xaius Octavian. The Queen of the Nile must summon the strength to face down her enemy one last time, and keep her friends — and herself — alive. Now a TV series on NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock!” Mike and I discuss how this series came to be, how the various characters were made, and what it’s like to have an animated series debut based on your own concepts! We also discuss what we might be seeing from Mike in the near future, so don’t miss this discussion with a creator I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about in the coming months. You can buy Mike’s books at this link on Amazon and you can see the animated show on the Peacock streaming service here.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #444: Interviews with Russell Brettholtz and Rob Stanley

Time for another great Kickstarter doubleheader this week in Episode 444! It all starts with the return of Russell Brettholtz from Side-Kicked, who has a Kickstarter underway to support #6 of this excellent series! The issue is described this way: “The sidekick strike is over. Can the heroes & sidekicks learn to work together when an alien invasion threatens their peace?” We discuss the series, how Russell has kept the characters growing, and what we can expect in the months ahead!

Then everything wraps up with my fun chat with Rob Stanley from The Bite of Brenna Barlow! His Kickstarter has already met its funding goal, but stretch goals are on the way! His book is described as: “The heartwarming tale of a telepathic blind vampire and her sarcastic dachshund.” Be sure to support this terrific project after you listen to this episode!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #442: Interview with Brian Menard

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Brian Menard, Dojo Kun Comics, H2O, Siamese, Toro Tales, I Am Become Death, anthology, Indie, twins, Breathtaker,

In Episode 442 this week, I talk with Indie creator Brian Menard from Dojo Kun Comics about several of his company’s creative offerings! For instance, we discuss I Am Become Death #1, Siamese #1, and Toro Tales #1, all with great stories and art that, as their website says, “endeavor to entertain you.” We delve into the various characters and stories, including how they came to be, what Brian and his group have coming soon, and even hint at some big developments in the works! Not only that, Brian is fun to talk with, so be sure to listen to this great chat with an Indie pro about his company’s excellent comics!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #441: Interview with Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Oneshi Press, Lynsey G., Jayel Draco, Mr. Guy, Zombie Hunter, goblin, Walter Ostlie, art-thology, Stoopid Vermin, A Damned Drink, Muskrat City, Diana Camero, Resident Viral, Jacey Chase, Sophia Murphy, dirty dancer, chicken wrestler, painting hedges, piloting mechs, Spooky,

I enjoy variety, which is why I’m talking with Lynsey G. and Jayel Draco from Oneshi Press during Episode 441! These two are the co-founders and driving forces behind that company, and right now, they have a Kickstarter project underway supporting Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and the 10th edition of their Oneshi Press Anthology series. We discuss how they put the anthology book together as well as how Mr. Guy came into existence, among other things! For more on Oneshi Press, go to their website here. Don’t miss this fun chat with these rising stars in Indie comics!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #437: Interviews with Rich Davis and Tyler Chin-Tanner

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Cult of Dracula, Rich Davis, Manson Family, Helter Skelter, Bram Stoker, Kickstarter, Second Sight Publishing, Maybe Someday, All We Ever Wanted, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Wave Blue World, Eric Palicki, Matt Miner, Phillip Sevy, Droplets, Rod Reis, Heroic Truth, Stephanie Phillips,

Time for another great doubleheader this week in Episode 437! It all starts with a great conversation with Rich Davis from the gripping new horror title, The Cult of Dracula from Second Sight Publishing. The book is described this way: “The story re-imagines the classic Dracula myth within the confines of a Manson Family inspired cult. It’s witchy. It’s wyrd. It’s Helter Skelter within a hippie cult dedicated to an ancient blood goddess. You may know Bram Stoker’s genre defining classic by heart, but you have no idea where Cult of Dracula will take you! It explores vampire the mythologies of many different cultures from all around the world and throughout human history. The book is as much about pagan cults, the occult and pagan culture as it is about vampires.” We discuss the series, how you can access it, and what we can expect in the months ahead!

Then everything wraps up with the return of Tyler Chin-Tanner from A Wave Blue World! He has a Kickstarter happening right now to support Maybe Someday, a positive new anthology, so we talk about how this collection was created, who some of the talented people behind the stories are, and what Tyler has coming! Here’s how Maybe Someday is described: “MAYBE SOMEDAY: STORIES OF PROMISE, VISIONS OF HOPE is a full-color anthology featuring over 25 inspiring stories about a brighter future. It is also the sequel to the New York Times-featured and Ringo Award Nominated anthology, ALL WE EVER WANTED.” Be sure to support this terrific project after you listen to this episode!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #431: Interviews with Caleb Thusat and Louis Southard

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Caleb Thusat, Alter Life, Zed, Nook, World War II, Germany, France, ghost, Don Handfield, Joshua Malkin, Unikorn, Rift, Mall, Mae, cat, Superhero Cats, Bad Dogs, Meowow, Ohno, Master Molecule, Spirit King, Nite-Man, Villains Seeking Hero, Louis Southard, Ben Matsuya, Kyle Petchock, David Hahn, Action Lab, Danger Zone

It’s a superheroic doubleheader week in Episode 431! First up is the return of Caleb Thusat, one of the main driving forces behind Alter Life, Zed and now Nook. He’s got a new children’s book on Kickstarter right now called Supercats Halloween! Here’s the series’ quick description: “It’s Halloween, and the Bad Dogs are tearing up the town dressed as Superhero Cats! A cute, clever story of self-worth and friendship.” This latest Kickstarter is closing in on its goal, so now is the time to get onboard! I recommend you go to Kickstarter at this link after you listen to our discussion!

Then everything wraps up with Louis Southard making his podcast debut as he talks about his great series Villains Seeking Hero, available from Action Lab: Danger Zone. This is Louis’ first comic, and he’s starting off with a bang! Here’s the book’s description: “Drowning in his own professional downward spiral, the veteran super-villain known as Master Molecule has been forced to become the leader of a new team of heinous criminals. In his shadow now lurks the powerful yet eccentric Spirit King and the mute force majeure Nite-Man. As the three coworkers learn to live with each other, they must also deal with whatever else their dangerous and bombastic world of costumed crusaders throws in their direction.” The printed version will be available once things resolve with the current pandemic, but you don’t have to wait to read this great series! The first eight issues are now available on comiXology at this link. I highly recommend this excellent take on superheroes and villains, so be sure to catch it today!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #408: Todd Black

Indie creators are some of the most inventive storytellers in comics today, and this week I talk with one of the best up-and-coming talents around: Todd Black! Todd has a Kickstarter project underway for his book Tokyo Blade Detectives #1, and you can support him by going to this link! It’s described this way: Tokyo, 200+ years in the future, nothing is what it was. In a land where guns are outlawed, only the blade can rule! We talk about the series and how it came to be, who the characters are, and what the future might hold for this fascinating comic and for Todd himself! Don’t miss it!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #407: Interviews with Trey Walker and Martin Pierro

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Trey Walker, Hoyt Silva, Scout Comics, Martin Pierro, Cosmic Times, From Blood, Unstoppable, Nonstop, Micah Myers, Lincoln Adams, F.I.S.T., Grove Mental Institution, Patient 27, Doctor Reese, Zach Bassett, James Whynot, Michael Moore, KennethLeinaar, Victorino Mendoza Muyo Jr., Larry Watts, graphic novel

I hope you’re ready for another great double-header week! In Episode 407, everything starts with Trey Walker from Last Stop, a book that is making the jump from webcomic to Nonstop at Scout Comics! The first issue is coming later this month, with the collected edition following in February of 2020! It’s a superhero story that is unlike anything else I’ve read before, so I highly recommend you let your local comics shop know you want a copy!

Then this episode wraps up with my conversation with Martin Pierro from Cosmic Times, a great Florida-based comics company that is supporting a fascinating book called From Blood, which you can support here on Kickstarter. It’s packed full of action and adventure, a fast-moving tale with engaging characters, so I highly recommend you support this project today! After all, you only have until late on November 19 to make sure this book becomes available for readers like you and me! This project also might impact on how Cosmic Times moves forward, so be sure to support this excellent comics company! Martin always has terrific insights into the comics industry, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he has to say!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #402: Interviews with Travis Horseman and Gilbert Deltrez

It’s another great crowdfunding episode this week, #402! First up is Travis Horseman, who’s collecting his terrific series of graphic novels called Amiculus: A Secret History into a special edition, complete with a new story. We discuss how he brought this powerful story about the collapse of Western Rome to life, just who the main characters are in this historical tale, and what he has in mind for the future of the character as well as his work! Be sure to support his current Kickstarter project, going on now at this link, and he needs your help to bring this volume to life! For more information about this series, go to his website here. Please note that this project has been cancelled since this interview was recorded! Look for more coming from Travis in the near future!

Then everything wraps up with the return of Gilbert Deltrez, creator of several Indie comics I’ve really enjoyed, including Under the Flesh and Lair. He’s got a new series on Indiegogo called Galactic Rodents of Mayhem, which is described as “an off the rails, edge-of-your-seat, deep space sci-fi adventure, featuring your soon-to-be FUR-AVORITE capybara bounty hunters!” We talk about how he’s brought this tale to be as well as what we might expect from him in the months ahead. To support this project, go to Indiegogo at this link today!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #400: David Pepose

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, David Pepose, Spencer, Locke, Emily Anderson, rom-com, Going to the Chapel, Calvin, Hobbes, Sin City, imaginary friend, Criminal, Beetle Bailey, Action Lab

It’s a special episode, so it’s time for a great conversation! In Episode 400, I talk with David Pepose, the writer of Going to the Chapel and Spencer and Locke, two wonderful comics you can order through your local comics shop! During this discussion, we talk about the fourth chapter of Spencer & Locke 2, which blew me away, then move on to his latest hit series, Going to the Chapel, which is described this way: “Get ready to say yes to distress in GOING TO THE CHAPEL, an insanely action-packed romantic comedy from Ringo Award-nominated writer David Pepose (Spencer & Locke) and rising star artist Gavin Guidry (The Death Defying) at Action Lab: Danger Zone. Emily Anderson’s big day was the wedding from hell — and that was before the bank robbers showed up. What do a conflicted bride, her dysfunctional family, a gang of Elvis-themed crooks, and one relentless sheriff have in common? They’re all about to discover love is the ultimate hostage situation. Don’t miss the ultimate date-night comic — fans of Sex CriminalsJessica Jones, and 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank will say ‘I do’ to GOING TO THE CHAPEL, available in comic shops and on digital devices September 2019!” We discuss how the book came to be, how fans are enjoying this take on the rom-com genre, and what else this up-and-coming comics creator has in store for us in the coming months! Check out Stacey Baugher’s review of the first issue of Going to the Chapel at this link! Don’t miss it!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #398: Roland Mann, Barb Kaalberg and Alex Gallimore, Brenton Lengel

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Alex Gallimore, Roland Mann, Barb Kaalberg, Kevin Gallegly, Snow White, Zombie, Apocalypse, Scout Comics, Hyeondo Park, Cat & Mouse, fairy tale,

Episode 398 is a very special one as I interview high-power comics creators! Things kick off with the great team of creators on Cat & Mouse #2, a comics miniseries with a second Kickstarter launching this week, on Tuesday, September 10, one you should definitely support! I talk with writer Roland Mann, inker Barb Kaalberg, and artist Alex Gallimore, here’s the location on Kickstarter.com: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rolandmann/cat-and-mouse-2-the-second-of-a-four-issue-mini-series . Be sure to get this fun adventure comic!

Then everything wraps up with my interview with writer Brenton Lengel from Snow White Zombie Apocalypse, an upcoming Scout Comic you can order now at your local comics shop. We discuss how this fascinating one-shot came to be, how you can support the book and help Brenton and his team provide more of this excellent comic, and what else Brenton is up to! It’s described as “a story of deep woods and old magic mixed with a heavy dollop of blood, sex, kung fu and gender politics. Y’know, fairy tales as usual.” Tell your store to order it today so you can be sure to pick it up when it arrives in local comics shops on Wednesday, October 30, just in time for Halloween! For more, go to this link.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #397: Ed Jowett

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Ed Jowett, Shades of Vengeance, Violet, Kickstarter, Johnathan Lewis, Bug War, Hai-Xang Hayden, Consortium,

Episode 397 features the return of another great guest! Ed Jowett from Shades of Vengeance has The Bug War Volume One as a great Kickstarter project worthy of your support!  It’s described this way: An unknown alien race kills the First Contact party, catapulting the space-faring Consortium civilisation to war. Can they win? Be sure to support this terrific project by going here on Kickstarter.com! This Kickstarter has already made its goal, so now is the perfect time to jump on board and make sure more great stories are coming soon, including this book!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #393: Michael Gordon

Have you already picked up Red Winter #1, which just came out from Scout Comics this week? If not, hurry over to your local comics shop to get your copy! In Episode 393, I talk with writer Michael Gordon about this new miniseries, who the characters are, and just how compelling this comic is! We discuss his other series Transdimensional, which has a Kickstarter going on right now that you can support! Both books are terrific comics stories, so be sure to listen to this episode, then support Michael’s great projects from this up-and-coming comics star!