MOMBcast #27

MOMBcast 27: revenge of the administrator. In this episode we discuss Mark Millars new endeavour, as well as Thor, Mighty Avengers and Streets of Gotham. Nick quickly mentions a trip to Thing, and it’s his turn to spotlight The Barefoot Serpent.

MOMBcast: allowing the universe to know itself through comics.

Show Timings:

16:30 Nemesis #1 (Mark Millar/Steve McNiven)
26:40 The Guild #1 (Felicia Day/Jim Rugg)
38:00 Thor #608 (Kieron Gillen/ Rich Elson & Billy Tan)
39:50 Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way #1-2 (Edited by C.B.Cebulski)
51:00 Locke & Key – Crown Of Shadows #4 (Joe Hill/Gabriel Rodriguez)
01:01:30 Streets Of Gotham #10 (Paul Dini/Dustin Nguyen)
01:07:00 Mighty Avengers #35 (Dan Slott/Koi Fam)

01:16:00 Thing 2010 – 
01:20:00 David Wynne’s Particle Fiction –

01:21:00 The Barefoot Serpent (Scott Morse)

MOMBcast #26

MOMBcast 26 the edition of many interruptions. In a packed show we discuss our spinning orders (which contains spoilers) and a very heavy dose of Siege, as well as American Vampire, Spiderwoman and a dash of Groo. We also chat about Comixology, a TBP library in the US, the decline in Manga sales and David Wynne’s new project. Our Spotlight this week is the superb small press book Songbird/Birdsong.

Show Timings:
17:00 Choker #2 (Ben Templesmith/Ben McCool)
21:00  Siege #3 (Brian Michael Bendis/Olivier Coipiel)
32:30 American Vampire #1 (Scott Snyder & Stephen King/Rafael Albuquerque)
37:50  Groo – Rufferto (Sergio Aragones)
41:30  Joe The Barbarian #3 (Grant Morrison/Sean Murphy)
47:00 Spider-Woman #7 (Brian Michael Bendis/Alex Maleev)
51:30 Siege Embedded #3 (Brian Reed/Chris Samnee)
54:30 Dark Avengers #15 (Brian Michael Bendis/Mike Deodato)

01:22:00 SongBird/BirdSong (Various awesome people)

Songbird/Birdsong can be purchased here:

MOMBcast #25

MOMBcast #25 in which Jon makes his triumphant return, despite various parts dropping off him (Jane’s necromancy still needs some work). In this episode we discuss our spinning orders as well as the prospect of the growing Nolan Superhero movie roster. In our spotlight this week we look at the superb Unknown Soldier Vol 2.

Show Timings:

13:20 Mighty Avengers #34 (Dan Slott/Neil Edwards)
17:10 Super Hero Squad Show #3 (Todd Dezago/various)
24:50 The Boys #40 (Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson)
26:10 Batman & Robin #10 (Grant Morrison/Andy Clarke)
29:10 Girl Comics #1 (Various)
45:10 S.W.O.R.D #5 (Kieron Gillen/Steven Sanders)
50:20 Daytripper #4 (Fabio Moon/Gabriel Ba)

52:30 Talking to Dad (Jamie Smart) – Read it here –
53:50 Christopher Nolan on Superman (Also, Iron Man 2. Also, Tron Legacy)

01:14:30 Unknown Soldier Vol 2 (Joshua Dysart/Alberto Ponticelli & Pat Masioni)

MOMBcast #24

The 24th Monkey on my back podcast, brought to you this week through Nicks cold, James’ possible birthday, Jane’s Smurf addiction, and Richards sweet ass cupcakes. This week as well as our spinning orders we discuss the threat to the future of the superb Unknown Soldier and spotlight Jason Aarons breakout title – The Other Side. Monkey on my back podcast, now proud members of the Comic Podcast Network!

Show timings:

13:50 N. #1 of 4 (Stephen King/Marc Guggenheim/Alex Maleev)

20:20 Age Of Reptiles – The Journey #3 of 4 (Ricardo Delgado)

26:20 Birdsong Preview (Various)

29:30 Chew #9 (John Layman/Rob Guillory)

 33:20 Avengers vs ATLAS #2 (Jeff Parker/Garbriel Hardman)

41:10 Sweet Tooth #7 (Jeff Lemire)

44:50 Demo #2 of 6 (Brian Wood/Becky Cloonan)

54:00 First Wave #1 (Brian Azzarello/Rags Morales)

58:40 Green Hornet #1 (Kevin Smith/Jonathan Lau)

01:05:00 Shuddertown #1 Preview (Nick Spencer/Adam Green)

 01:10:00 Unknown Soldier cancellation? (Joshua Dysart/Alberto Ponticelli)

01:22:00 The Other Side (Jason Aaron/Cameron Stewart)