Jimmy in the Garden Episode #16

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In this exciting episode:

Jimmy goes to the movies

Random girl names

Ass whooping

The Great Comicbook Quiz

Jimmy reviews everything, but GI Joe

Sleeper Season 1 graphic novel

Is collecting dead?

Beastiality and Garth Ennis

Jimmy meets celebrities at Comic-Con

Show notes:

Legal documents – Jimmy discussed the legal documents he has filed in the Jack Dearing (c) section of Episode #14.

0.2 mile -The actual distance between Jimmy and Dr. Lou’s places of work.

David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury – Check out our post on NBC’s Nick Fury

Jimmy in the Garden Episode #15

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In this episode Jimmy tells Rick and Ray who needs to be the A-Team remake and shares his thoughts on what differentiates Jimmy in the Garden from other podcasts. Rick and Ray tackle the tough task of cutting down their monstrous pull list.

Here’s the hitlist:

New A-Team

We’re not talking about Jimmy’s work

Star Trek Experience

Cutting down the pull list

Jimmy in the Garden #14

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Jimmy, Rick, Ray and Dr. Lou are back and firing on all cylinders.  Many said that the crew couldn’t possibly top episode 13.  They were wrong.

In this episode, find out how Jimmy’s blind date went, why Power Girl is hard and the details of Jimmy’s Volcano Theory.

Here’s the hitlist:

Jimmy-thon *** Blind up-Date *** Thumper *** Dress Jimmy Up In Your Love *** Picks of the Weeks *** Powergirl is hard *** Rosebomb *** The Volcano Theory *** G.I. Joe School *** Jack Dearing (c) *** Free Black Lantern Ring *** Podcasting love *** Invincible Ray-hole *** Lawyer Jimmy

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Jimmy in the Garden podcast episode #13

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Jimmy reflects on MJ

failed intros

Jimmy radio superstar pt 1

shout outs

round-robin discussion on Batwoman

Jimmy radio superstar pt 2

Dr Lou’s pick of the week #1

Jimmy radio superstar pt 3

Jimmy’s blind date pt 1

Rick’s pick of the week #1

Jimmy’s blind date pt 2

Ray’s pick of the week #1

Wizard World pt 1

Rick’s pick of the week #2

Wizard World pt 2

Ray’s pick of the week #2

Wizard World pt 3

discussion of the Great Fables Crossover

Jimmy’s pick of the week


Show notes:

Cast – Rick, Ray, Jimmy & Dr. Lou

Ames – discount department store that went out of business in 2002

Pomeroys – PA based department store that was rebranded as Bon-Ton

Judge Judy – popular tv show – used to describe Jimmy “banging the gavel”; see Donkey Kong-ing

Donkey Kong-ing – a verb meaning to make a loud noise when recording; comes from the opening scene of the 1981 video game where a giant ape loudly thumps steel girders into place

Tres Hermanos – an authentic Mexican restaurant and store located in Steelton, PA

I Love Technology – song from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, performed by brother Kip on his wedding day

Roy Orbinson glasses – Jimmy’s big wrap-around old person driving glasses

Red dye – a high in sugar food coloring often associated with hyperactivity in children

Gambit – the codename for Jimmy’s supervisor at work

Ellen Degenerate – Jimmy’s nickname for comedian, talkshow host Ellen Degeneres

Comic Geek Speak – another comic book themed podcast

Around Comics – another comic book themed podcast

Raging Bullets – another comic book themed podcast

death of Batwoman – Correction – Batwoman was not killed in Batman Family #16, but Detective Comics #485

Storm – the codename for a co-worker that Jimmy is infatuated with that is featured in Episode 6 and Episode 9

Feedback strike – when Jimmy refuses to speak

Comic Book Girl – Comic Book Girl – a friend in Jimmy’s head that was introduced in Episode 9

Uncle Dominic – the codename for Jimmy’s former fiance Trixie’s Uncle; narrator of the ‘Tale of Trixie’ in Episode 12

Wizard World photos – photos from our trip to Wizard World Philadelphia 2009 can be found here and here

Tiberius – the second codename for Jimmy’s friend Darth Blarney, who was featured in Episode 3

Pink Hulk – first appeared in Episode 11 and then Episode 12

Baltimore Comicon – Jimmy and the crew are planning to attend this con on Saturday October 10, 2009

Shore Leave 31 – Jimmy will be attending this Star Trek themed convention July 11-12, 2009

Radio Crap – Jimmy’s nickname for Radio Shack

Reading Terminal Market – Located in Philadelphia, near the convention center; referred to incorrectly as ‘Broadstreet Market’