IC3 Episode 152: “FELCCH”



In an IC3 v2.0 first, we’re all recording in person in the same room together at the same time! We all met at an undisclosed location in northeastern Pennsylvania and FELCCHED the night away for the:


No comics are discussed, but we get to the root of Dann’s dad dick, Dante wears questionable technology on his head area, and so much more! Make sure to stay til the end, because there might just be a slew of special guests not
mentioned here!

Hosted by all of us!

NOTE: This episode is being posted a few days early, and episode 153 will be posted a few days late, so bear with us, we’re not quitting like OTHER comic book podcasts.
winky face 😉


IC3 Episode 151: “The Ceiling”




In this episode we talk about oral expirations, Jeff’s
appearance on The Death of Comics, taints, and FELCCH.
Also, our Emerald City Comic Con coverage continues live
at C2E2 via John from Burnt Weiners, which you can hear
ONLY on SoundCloud.com/comiccabal!

We also lay to rest a dear friend of ours, and hopefully
to you, as well. We’re introduced to the IC3’s silent 5th
member, and get visited by a spirit! Wow. After reading
that not even I would listen to this show. SIKE! I totes
would…AND DO!

The Amazing Spider-Man #1
Vertigo Quarterly One-Shot
Shadowman: End Times #1
Silver Surfer #2
Deadly Class #4
Southern Bastards #1
Chew #41
The Flash Annual #3
Avengers #28
Black Science #6
Rai #1

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, Dante and Wink Martindann!


The Cabal Episode 150!!!


Thank you guys a million-billion times for listening and putting up with feeding our egos for 150 episodes! We’ve been podcasting almost three years, and the only thing that keeps us going is…well, do you want to guess?

WRONG! Its not you, the listener…idiot. Its hearing our own voices! Having our opinions be the right ones! We are in total control of this shit and NO ONE CAN FUCKING STOP US YOU HEAR THAT MOM AND DAD EVEN THOUGH YOU GOT  DIVORCED AND LEFT ME AND MY BROTHER TO FEND FOR OURSELVES IN THE WILDERNESS THAT IS ADULTHOOD I FUCKING DID IT I SHOWED YOU YOU FUCK PIECES OF DOOK!

The Eltingville Club #1
Manhattan Projects #20
Elektra #1
Original Sin #0
Powers: The Bureau #9

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and Dante!


IC3 Episode 149: “Demerits”


April 18, 2014: Dante! MIA!
Is he injured? Is he dead? Who knows? Who CARES?
The show! Must! GO! ON!

For all this game stepping upping we’ve been doing the boys are bound to slip up, and that’s where Jeff has to step in and issue demerits based on poor performance, rule breaking, and shit sipping.

Sinestro #1
God is Dead #11
Translucid #1
Superior Spider-man #31
Solar: Man of the Atom #1
Speed Round:
Captain Action Cat: The TimeStream Catastrophe #1 // D4VE #1-4

Hosted by Jeff, Ian and…Dante?
With special Josh Skydreamer from Rhymes With Geek!
Plugs guest: Shannon Liara of RWG’s Top 5!


IC3 Episode ECCC: “Emerald City Comic Con: whispercast”



Join Dante on his scrambled adventures at Emerald City
Comic Con! He travels from Seattle to Portland to spread
his heavy-breathed, wispy sadness direct to your ears!

Hosted by Dante with
Tech Jedi from The Mean Geek
and Doctor Fluxx from Feed it Comics!


IC3 Episode 148: “Rade Šerbedžija”



Rejoice! For Dante has returned from ECCC! Is he really an Annunaki reptilian overlord? Probably not! The only way to really find out is by listening to this episode!

I mean there’s other reasons to listen to, like if you want to hear us briefly talk about Winter Soldier, or about Ryan Kelly’s NEW Funrama issue, or for our plugs segment featuring a special world famous actor…I mean, the reasons are literally endless…except that the reasons totally end, like, here.

Funrama #3 www.funramacomic.com
Batman: Eternal #1
All-New Ghost Rider #2
All-New Doop #1
Invincible #110
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dann, Dante and Ian!


IC3 Ep. 147: “ICTherapy: Daddy Issues”



Dann’s got some serious daddy issues stemming from his childhood so Ian and Jeff try to talk him through it. We also talk about The TMNT Podcast’s own James’ latest comic project, and also IC3’s own Ian’s new comic! Seriously!

This episode is brought to you by Manny’s Mannequins!

Action Johnson
Moon Knight #2
Starlight #2
Black Science #5
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #3

Hosted by Dann, Jeff, and Ian!

James’ comic “Action Johnson” can be found at www.actionjohnson.com
Ian’s comic “Skip Tracer” can be found at www.issuu.com/ianmondrick


IC3 Ep. 146: “Salvador Dolly Lama Parton”



There’s a very important gummy-candle update, some bad jokes, and TONS of dishwashing at the Dante household! And plugs! Plugs, also! Wait…am I plugging plugs? Yep!

So expect some hearty bellylaughs while listening to episode 146 of The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast!

All-New Ghost Rider #1
Sandman: Overture #2
Superior Spider-man #30
Furious #3
Silver Surfer #1

Hosted by Jeff, Ian, Dann and Dante!


IC3 Ep. 144: WORDBURGLAR: The IC3 Interview


So we’ve all wanted to do interviews on IC3 for a while now, but with all the game-stepping-up that’s been going on in  2014, the time never seemed better. here’s the first of what we hope is a monthly feature for you guys: The Interview.

And we kept it next-level with our first guest: The original verb hurdler, the nerd interpreter, the verbal silver surfer-er, the one and only WORDBURGLAR. He jumped on Skype with  Ian and Dann to talk about all the comics he’s reading (a lot), his new album ‘Welcome to Cobra Island’ (it’s awesome), and try to guess where some of his samples came from! (we fail).

Check him out at:
And the man responsible for the awesome beat we used, Beatmason:


The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast Ep. 143: “ICP on IC3 143”


You know how sometimes comic companies will solicit a book with a tagline like, “Next Issue: SOMEONE. WILL. DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!”?

Well this episode’s tagline is:
“This Episode: A HOST. WAS ONCE. A JUGGALO!” and its your job to figure out who, before he recites the Ten Juggalo Commandments bestowed upon the world by the Great Jugghovah! WHOOP! WHOOP!

Jeff also lets the rest of the cast in on who one of the biggest crime lords New England’s ever known is!

Captain Marvel #1
Batman #29
Manifest Destiny #5
Magnus Robot Fighter #1

Hosted by Jeff, Dante, Dann and Ian!


IC3 Ep. 142: “Pizza Crust Horseshoes”



This episode’s got it all! Its got: Arrow! Its got: Drama! Its got: Plugs! Its got: Homeless people! Its got: Ian’s old grunge band! Its got: Lubrication! Its got: Ru Paul?

Moon Knight #1
Starlight #1
Earth-2 #21
Quantum and Woody: Goat #0

Hosted by Jeff, Dante and Ian!
This episode of IC3 is actually, seriously, no joke, sponsored by: Kanojo Toys!