The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast 025: Chris BLECH-alo!!!

Dante and Jeff have another bromantic episode alone together!  They answer a question, spoil some comics and talk about some podcasts they listen to on the regular.  Spoiled books include Uncanny X-Force 20, Venom 12, Defenders 2, Ghostbusters 5, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 6, Danger Girl: Revolver 1 of 4, Batman 5, Daredevil 8, Catwoman 5 and Uncanny X-Men 5.


We shout out a bunch of podcasts: Comic Book Savant, The Mean Geek, The Death of Comics, Comic Vine, Comic Book Noise, Raging Bullets, Fight For Comics, Chronic Insomnia, The Uncanny X-Cast, Non-Canonical, The Watchtower, Listen To Jimmy and The Pull List.


Catch Da Craze Podcast Episode #116 Brant Fowler and Scott Simmons

This Episode of Catch Da Craze I caught up with Brandt W. Fowler and Scott D.M. Simmons; the creators behind the comic book Wannabez.

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Crazee Comics goes to Wizard Philly

Indie Comic Book Noise 3 – October 16, 2007

Along with a listing of the independent comics shipping to retailers
this week, October 17, 2007 (based on Diamond’s shipping lists as of
late last week) we have reviews by:

Jon Hook – BPRD Killing Ground #3

Bruce Rosenberger – Yotsuba! Manga TPB Volume 1

Peter Rios – Distant #1 (of 4)

Jon Hooks – Sorrow #2

As well as a shout out to our good friends Charlito and Mr. Phil who
do the Indie Spinner Rack Podcast and have published the “Awesome
Indie Spinner Rack Anthology Volume 1 TPB”

Don’t forget! You too can review indie and small press comics for the
show in one of three ways:

1. Record it and send the audio file to

2. Call your review in to the Deliberate Noise hotline (206) 984-1993

3. Write your review and I’ll read it for you.

Please try to keep them at no longer than five minutes and limit
reviews to books still in print and available.

Geek Brunch No. 9

It’s here: We introduce our first Brunch Buddy in Episode 9, co-hosted by the forum’s own Ryan, AKA HulkSmash! You know the drill, we talk movies, comics, make porn references, and we even manage to sing a little Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch while we are at it. Do you feel the vibration?

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Comic Book Noise 78 – Comic Book Podcasts Pt 5

A look at The Comic Book Attic, Geek Nights, N3RDCast, Birds of Geek, Amazing Spider-Cast, Uncanny X-Cast, Comic Pants, Podcast X and The Pop Cult Online, advice to prospective podcasters and a semi review of The Irredeemable Ant-Man No. 9. 70 minutes.

Download Here

The Comic Book Attic
Geek Nights
Birds Of Geek
Amazing Spider-Cast
Uncanny X-Cast
Comic Pants
Podcast X
The Pop Cult Online
Advice thread (CBNoise, CGS)
John Mayo’s Comic Book Page
John’s Irredeemable Ant-Man chart
Irredeemable Ant-Man at Marvel

Geek Brunch No. 4

In episode 4, your exhausted hosts talk about Blue Beetle comics, what Mike’s been reading, some horror movies, and why you should never peel a chile pepper and then touch your genitals. If your name is Candy Cane, meet this episode in room 17 with a bottle of pink champagne. Doesn’t make sense? It will soon. Enjoy your brunch! 82 minutes.

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