Apocalypse Later Episode 22 – Letter 44, The Golden Girls, Battle of the Atom, & More!

Apocalypse Later is back with a new hour long episode!   Join Josh Dan and Dante as they discuss: News Items from the NY Comic Con! The Season 4 of the Walking Dead!   The top two coolest X-men!  The Golden Girls!  Sim City 5!   The circumstances behind episode 21′s avant garde presentation! Comic Reviews!  This week discussing… Letter 44; X-Men Battle of the Atom; things we’ve been reading over the break; the new Golden Girls comic!  Don’t miss this episode!  Also check out Rhymeswithgeek.com for this podcast and more!

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Apocalypse Later Episode 21 – Do you have a moment to talk about anti-life?

Apocalypse Later Episode 21 is here!  Josh goes solo and covers comics news and reviews!  This week we discuss – Hinterkind #1, Forever Evil #2, All-New X-Men #17, Trillium #3, Hunger #3, Fantomex Max #1.  Also the ANTI-LIFE EQUATION has arrived.  Will you open your heart to Darkseid?  All this and more in the latest episode of Apocalypse Later!



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Apocalypse Later Episode 20 – Lobo #1, Mighty Avengers #1 & Captain America #11 (Featuring Juan from Super Podcasto Magnifico)

Apocalypse Later Episode Twenty:  The gang is joined by Juan from Super Podcasto Magnifico to discuss the glorious career of Rowdy Roddey Piper and podcasting do’s and don’ts…  Also we talk comics and boots.  Click to listen now!


Comics discussed this episode

– Justice League 23.2 (Lobo #1)

– Captain America #11

– Mighty Avengers #1

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Apocalypse Later Episode 19.2 – The Mighty Marvel Exercise and Cook Books.


Apocalypse Later Episode 19.2 – The gang (and Dr. Fluxx of Feed It Comics) take a look at two classic books from Marvel Comics…

We review:

– The Mighty Marvel Superheroes Cookbook
Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book

This and more on…  APOCALYPSE LATER!!

[PS: Thanks Doc for making that awesome Ultron Promo]

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Apocalypse Later Episode 19.1

episode 19 part 1

Apocalypse Later episode 19 – Part I of II.  Worlds collide in this epic two-part crossover show with Dr. Fluxx of Feed It Comics!  The good doctor is here to discuss the hard hitting topics in the comics world.


– Trillium #2 and the coming renaissance at Vertigo comics

– What is it about Portland that makes for such a great comics scene?

– J.H. Williams and the Batwoman ‘No Marriage In Comics’ Controversy

– When was Batman at his best as a character?

Warning: Spoilers.  Click Cap’s shield to listen now.

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Apocalypse Later: Episode 18 – Forever Evil VS. Infinity VS. Battle of the Atom


episode 18

Episode 18 is here!  Dan has returned and boy is he angry!  This episode the gang discusses three epic events by the big two – Forever Evil #1, Battle of the Atom #1 & #2, and Infinity #1.  Is the return of the Crime Syndicate meeting the hype?  Is Thanos actually an intimidating villain after his years of failed attempts to capture earth?  Will the X-Men ever face an enemy greater than themselves?  This and more ahead… Warning: Spoilers.  Click the link to listen now.

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Apocalypse Later: Episode Seventeen – Series spotlight Young Avengers

AL episode 17

Apocalypse Later Episode Seventeen – Still reeling from the loss of Dan, the gang attempts to carry on by reviewing Kieron Gillen’s Marvel Now! series Young Avengers issues 1-9.  However this herculean task proves to be a bit too daunting for the team as Josh struggles to carry the conversation forward while Dante loses his train of thought and Will gets impatient.  Can our heroes successfully finish their podcast without turning on each other?  Is this the end of Apocalypse Later? Tune in to find out!

Comics discussed: Young Avengers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.  (SPOILERS: YES!)



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Apocalypse Later Episode 16: #Batfleck – Dinosaurs Attack! #2 – The Outliers #1 – Justice League… Canada?




Apocalypse Later Episode 16 is here!  The gang is again joined by Frank (Real Books Don’t Have Batman) to discuss Ben Affleck as Batman and Justice League… Canada??  Also we review the most anticipated comic of 2013.. Dinosaurs Attack #2.  Spoilers ahead – people get eaten by dinosaurs!  Finally, we take a look at the first issue of Erik T. Johnson’s new indie comic series The Outliers.  Fun is had by all so go ahead and listen!  We’d do it for you.


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