F BombCast 163: Movies and Music

When Kevin’s away, the music nerds will play but first Month of Horror. Tj is caught up in grad school bullshit so it left on the shoulders of Mike to bring the horror, and he delivers with… Starship Troopers. Yeah that is the mike we know and love. Cabin in the Woods is brought up again and Psycho. BUt then all hell breaks loose when Dream Theater is brought up and we go into the deep dark pit that is the music industry. We learn that Jack White is a giant Douchebag and the the record industry doesn’t embrace technology. Well, we already knew most of that but go along with me. Enjoy!


F BombCast 162: Month of Horror has Begun

After a month of nothing you should be creaming yourself at the mere sounds of our voices. YOU TAKE WHAT YOU GET AND YOU LIKE IT! or not whatever floats your boat. Actually i do appreciate you all sticking with us during this extremely inconsistent release schedule. Month of horror is upon us and we do not disappoint, at least i hope we don’t. The Collector, the original Dawn of the Dead, The Final, Zombieland, Woman in Black, Let the Right one in, House of the Devil, and more are discussed. Enjoy!


F BombCast 161: We Are Progressives

Two weeks in a row?!? What the hell did you all do to deserve this? We spend a good amount of the time discussing music, and Prog rock kings Queensryche and Dream Theater in specific. New 52 is given a comprehensive grade by kevin as it suck, but not all of it, and even that i say sucks doesn’t really. Vibe is coming back, can I get a big WOOOOOOHOOOOO! Atlas Shrugged the movie bites a dick. Anything else we talk about is extra.

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F BombCast 160: Free Ballin’

A show so important, so monumental, so interesting, that i completely forgot to update all the sites and let you know that it is available for your aural orgasms. I forgot what the hell we talked about it must have been so awesome that my mind exploded. I know there is some music talk, movie talk, tv talk, and comic talk, so in other words something for all you assholes. Enjoy!

F BombCast 159: F BombCast Rises

Well you all asked for us to talk about more movies, so we happily obliged. Wait you didn’t ask for that? Oh well, we really don’t care. Tango and Cash, Lincoln Lawyer, Amazing Spiderman, Dark Knight Rises, They Live are all talked about for your pure listening enjoyment. Kevin does sneak in some comic talk and Mike and I get our fill of music talk prior to Kevin’s head exploding. Enjoy!


F BombCast 158: Which one is Pink?

Welcome back, we just refuse to go away. Right when you thought it was safe to open iTunes, the FBC is downloading a fresh episode. We learn more about kevin’s fetishes, and TJ’s approval of indiscretions with his daughter. Oysterhead is briefly discussed and that leads the boys to the discussion of the greatest concert ever as well as the drugs of choice for the Phish tour next year. Brave, Breaking Bd, Dead Like me are all mentioned as it BEfore Watchmen and Fury Max and Alpha Flight.

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F BombCast 157: The Ballad of Wormy McGirtherson

It has only been a month and a half, did you expect us to be weekly or something. We talk such timely things as Dark Shadows, The Gay characters of comics, and all the other news that happened about a month ago. Mike is a work of art now, and TJ likes to play with wormy. Dallas is awesome as is Larry Hagman. X-O Manowar is awesome as is other shit Kevin talked about but i wasn’t really listening.

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F BombCast 156: F BombCast Assemble

Forgot to post this yesterday, sorry, kill me, or doon’t. In this fine episode of vulgar entertainment, we ponder the Avengers and why it sucked as hard as it idid. HA, just kidding, of course it was awesome. Gay Sex is discussed and Stephen Lynch. There is a bunch of other shit too but i am horrible at remembering this stuff the day after a show so forget about two days. By next tuesday you will be lucky if i remember what my co-hosts’ names are.

F BombCast 155: The Music Never Stopped

Music is the theme, and kevin is in misery. Despite his best effort to mourn Jonathan Frid, Mike and TJ just want to discuss some awesome tunes. Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule take center stage, and then the discussion turns to Mike and TJ’s musical instruments of choice, and Kevin’s prowess on the skin flute. We start to talk Chris Roberson and DC Comics but that leads us right back to music. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 154: TJ Hates Fun

Movies and Comics as Kevin and TJ discuss all of life’s mystery’s, like where the fuck is Mike? (we later learn he is being courted by his new bass and amp). Torture Porn is discussed as TJ’s work gets judgmental on the sties he visits while he is supposedly working. Human Centipede and Hostel get the brunt of our criticism. Avengers is discussed and later the Man Meat sandwich that Henry Cavill and Chris Merloni will be providing us in the new Superman Flick. The NEw Vertigo series are discussed and we later learn that TJ hates Fun and Comics apparently since he still cannot understand the love people have for Fear Agent. Enjoy!

F BombCast 153: The Three Amigos

We are back folks, The three amigos, all together again and almost better than ever. Of all the things discussed we delve into video games and Skyrim. Captain America doesn’t live up to TJ’s expectations, but he is looking forward to Avengers. All is right in the marvel world as not only are they reliving an X Men Event from the 90s but their main event is also a 20 year old rehash of a title with a concept from 5 years ago. Way to stay fresh shit dicks. Oh yeah, and cablevision sucks a giant one. Enjoy!

F BombCast 152: Dark Crap

Last episode we really catered to all you comic book geeks, now to please some of you movie geeks. We go on a slight rant about Dark Shadows. And by slight i mean more than half the episode. And by rant i mean utter disgust with the film maker and all those involved with the project. Denise will thrill the soul of all you trekkies as her e-mail is all DS9 all the time. Prometheus looks like the tits, and game of thrones not only looks like the tits but it also has them. Capping off this fantastic piece of audible awesomeness is a discussion of Captain Atom and BKV’s Saga. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 151: Piñata Party

If You like comics than this is the episode for you. We talk comics. We talk TV shows about comics. We talk ordering comics. We even talk about Curious George..wait what?!?!?! Besides comics we have a slight discussion on the 1967 TV series The PRisoner and Hammer Studios. Kevin Hates the Justice League TJ Loves the Red Hood, and everyone loves DCBS. Whispers and Walking Dead is discussed. as is the problem with pre ordering. Lastly Swamp thing is brought up to speed and has entered TJ’s top favorite DC books.

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F BombCast 150: Real Comic Book Men


It is HERE!!! the 150th episode of this useless drivel that you have come to know and love, and we celebrate by Talking about some movies, Prequel movies to be exact. Kevin is lord and protector of all things necessary and he deems things stupid at the drop of a hat. We are the real comic book men since i believe we are more likable (and believe me that takes a lot.) Watchmen prequels…Necessary or Not? Sounds like a question for kevin with his new title. We talk some Nightwing, Resurrection Man, Flash, Glory and Secret Avengers. Hmmmmm… Sounds like the 149 episode that came prior to this. Well, Enjoy!




F BombCast 149: The actual El Guapo

We all have an El Gualpo to face, it just so happens that ours is the actual El Guapo. That is right folks, the first ten minutes of the show are TJ and Kevin reciting Three Amigos quotes and laughing about them. You know because our comic timing and ability to do them will entertain you just as much as Steve and Chevy. Spock and the Whales are discussed in length, and TJ actually read some comics. Surprise, Surprise they were DC. Animal Man 5, Aquaman 5, and Batman 5 are all discussed as well as who the real hero of the Flash is. Kevin talks some Marvel but do any of you really give a shit? Exactly! Enjoy.
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