Radio Free Asgard 381

With this installment, we launch into a long promised, along awaited run, Thor vol. 3! 

Issue #1 sees J. Michael Staczynski and Olivier Coipel bring back Don Blake! Thor! Oklahoma! We also have….uh…conversations! (and a few non-existence monsters thrown in…) 

Radio Free Asgard 380

This week we wrap up the Black Galaxy story in Thor #408! In this tale, Hercules falls down, the Mongoose strikes, the “High Ev” gets much higher, and we see a major plot development regarding Thor and Eric Masterson! Also, in this episode, we have not just one, but TWO Tales of Asgard!

Radio Free Asgard 377

This week we look at The Mighty Thor #406, a book in which Thor goes up against a giant spark plug in his search for the fate of the High Evolutionary and Hercules! Also in this book, The Warriors Three play a part in Earth’s creation, and Thor goes streaking and lives in a yellow submarine! ‘Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 373

It’s a cornucopia of swipes/homages this week, as we cover The Mighty Thor #402! This issue features the return of the eeevil Quicksand, along with a bunch of re-worked Kirby/Sinnott art, and then we get a re-purposed Norse myth in a new Tales of Asgard! Who says this isn’t the Mighty Marvel age of recycling?