Interview with Kristofer Straub and David Willis

A week after Meanwhile interviews Brad Guigar we’ve posted an interview with Straub and Willis. We start off talking about Blank Label and why it was created and move on to their individual strips. We try to dig deeper into what’s in store for BLC but Kris sidetreks us with stories of taking over the world. Finally we discover there’s something down the road but our listenners will have to wait to find out at the same time as everyone else.

Digital Strips Podcast #19

Our 19th show has gone up even though I was talking with a 103 degreee fever. I almost thought the whole thing was a hallucination when I woke up the next morning. Despite that I think our podcast was as good as our others. In this podcast we talk about:
* Theatre Hopper by Tom Brazelton
* What Happens Next by Billy Porter and Brad Porter
* Supermegatopia by Brian and Stuart Burke
* Konsekai: Swordwaltzer by Xero Reynolds

IRC chat event

We’re trying to expand and one of our first attempts has been an IRC chat room. Tonight we will be holding our first event in the digitalstrips chat room and we welcome everyone’s input. To connect to the chat room use any IRC client to connect to on port 6667 and enter the room #digitalstrips. We hope everyone stops by to give us some live interactive feedback.