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I'm a professional freelance letterer, logo designer and flatter, a writer (comics and prose), co-owner of www.lastemberpress.com, co-founder of www.comicfrontline.com, and co-founder and Host of the Zone 4 Podcast, among other things.

Airship 27 #52: Pirates & Thieves

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 once again for another fun-filled adventure in podcasting!

#NewPulp #RobinHood #podcast

This time, they talk about their respective vacations, upcoming appearances (sort of), new releases and more!

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Airship 27 #51: Con Season

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 once more as the duo talks con season, new releases, Pulp Factory Awards and more!

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Airship 27 #50: We’re On Video!

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 for another hour of New Pulp goodness!

In this, their 50th episode, they have taken to YouTube and will now be on both audio and video!

Join them as they discuss Airship 27’s latest releases, awards, upcoming appearances, and more!

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Zone 4 #450: The Final Episode!

The crew of Zone 4 converge for one final time here LIVE on Comic Frontline, welcoming back Gordon to the fray for the FINAL EPISODE of Zone 4!

Zone 4 celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary (officially April 3rd) with this special farewell episode of the podcast as it comes to a close.

We’ll be discussing Heroes in Crisis, Wrestlemania, War of Realms, sharing memories of the show and more!

Gordon’s Plugs:

Marty Quade (Airship 27) – https://amzn.to/2CV5tm4

1950’s Western Roundup (Short story up for Pulp Factory Award/Pro Se Productions) – https://amzn.to/2G1wm9S

Always Punch Nazis (Pilot Studios) – https://www.etsy.com/listing/66619941…

Patreon – http://www.patreon.com/gordondymowski

C2E2 Panel (Via YouTube) – https://youtu.be/UcPW0SnYCdc

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Zone 4 #449: It’s Not a Dream if It’s Real

The crew of Zone 4 return to discuss Hickman’s House of X and Powers of X teaser, which X-Men we want to see get the spotlight, speculate and more.

Plus, IDW’s 20th Anniversary, what were the hits and misses of the publisher?


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Zone 4 #448: Hickman’s Next Marvel Project

The crew of Zone 4 return as Zone 4: The Final Four continues!

We discuss the teasers Marvel has been releasing and speculate what the announcement tomorrow at C2E2 will bring us concerning Jonathan Hickman’s new Marvel project!

Plus: Disney now officially owns Fox, what now?

And, Oreos!

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Airship 27 Podcast #49: On Poisoned Ground

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 for a new voyage!

They discuss Radio Archives, the Pulp Factory Awards, Bulldog Drummon, Fred Adams Jr., share some bad jokes and more!



Check out the video version on www.youtube.com/zone4podcast!

Zone 4 #447: The Final Four Begins

The crew comes together as the show starts to wind down. We catch up, talk with the viewers, discuss DC June solicits and more!

Detective Comics #1000 Giveaway: http://www.comicfrontline.com/giveaway

Brant’s Links: https://linktr.ee/lastemberpress

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Airship 27 Podcast #48: Marty Quade, Private Eye

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 for another fun-filled episode of New Pulp goodness!

In this episode, they talk Marty Quade, Private Eye, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, Domino Lady, the Pulp Factory Awards and more!



Airship 27 Podcast #47: First Release of 2019

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis take another journey on board the Airship 27!

This episode, they talk about the first release of 2019. Which one will it be?

Codename Intrepid
Company of Shadows
Sherlock Holmes Vol. 13

They also talk about weather and PC issues, Captain Hazard, Marty Quade Private Eye, Dead Sheriff, All-Star Sports Stories, share a couple of jokes, and more!


Zone 4 #445: Young Justice

The crew returns to talk about the first issue of the new DC Comics series Young Justice by Brian Michael Bendis!

We also talk Heroes in Crisis and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.


Airship 27 Podcast #46: Year-End Wrap-Up

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis step aboard the Airship 27 for a special year-end wrap-up episode!

They talk about all the releases of 2018 and a possible surprise release!

They also share three jokes, some holiday well wishes, and more!

Join Ron and Rob on board the Airship 27 one more time in 2018 for a good old fashioned discussion on New Pulp!

More at www.zone4podcast.com


Zone 4 #443: The End of the Marvel Universe

The crew of Zone 4 comes together to discuss the Marvel Universe Destroyed mini-series and possibilities of it extending beyond. Plus the Crisis On Infinite Earths DC TV crossover, and more!

Join us for Zone 4 Aftermath on Patreon every Monday night: http://www.patreon.com/brantfowler

Find more at: http://www.zone4podcast.com