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The Comics Podcast network is a collection of comics book podcasters, looking to assist and spread the word of our fellow podcasters in any way, shape or form. Here, you can find a list of every episode released by members of the CPN, as well as feed and website links so you may subscribe to shows individually. The Comics Podcast network was formed by Neil Gorman of the Comicology Podcast in 2005, and is currently maintained by Ian Levenstein of the Comic Timing Podcast; previous maintainers include Chris Marshall of The Collected Comics Library, and Scott Cederlund of Wednesday’s Haul.

If you are interested in joining the Comics Podcast Network, here are our current requirements:

1) Your show must come out regularly (ie if it a monthly show it should come out monthly, bi-weekly shows come out bi-weekly, etc.) and should have at least 10 episodes under its belt. That way we can avoid Podfading shows joining the Network.

2) Your podcast must be related to comics in some fashion. It’s alright if you talk gaming as well as comics, but we will not be adding any Sports Racing only shows to the Comics Podcast Network.

3) Your website must be up to date, and provide a link to the Comics Podcast Network. In turn, your show will be added to our link’s sidebar. Here is some smaller CPN logos in multiple formats that can be used for those who prefer having a picture to go along with their link:




4) Once you are accepted, please join the Comics Podcast Network’s Google Group so you can stay updated on what the CPN is planning, and so that mutual promotion can occur. The link to the group will be provided upon being accepted.

5) While not a requirement, it is great when shows mention “We are proud members of the Comics Podcast Network” at the top or at the end of their shows. It gets the word out about the CPN and lets listeners know you are a member!

For further information, please contact Ian Levenstein at speakgeekspeak[at]gmail.com to sign up and we will set you up with a WordPress login to get your stuff on the main page! Obviously, replace all [at] with @ to e-mail us.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the network and all of its members!

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  1. Weekly Podcast Show about Making Comics. Drawing, inking, marketing. Every Tuesday a new show. On show #40 now. Always looking for artists and writers to be guests. You can find us on TALKSHOE show id 48818. Comics Cafe a unique show about making comics for people that make comics.

  2. HEH Guys. I emailed you a while back about adding our Podcast to your community. I haven’t heard anything back to date. I’ve had your sites logo up for a while. Can we get added to the site. Shoot me an email when you have time. Thanks! PEACE!

  3. Hello my name is Mark and I make Comic Book Fan Films and videos on youtube. My channels name is KorimTV. I have been making them for awhile now and I have a fan base too. I always wanted to do a comic review based Pod Cast called Comic Crazy Reviews and your site is so cool I want to put them on here. I’ll even promote this site in my videos. I will do the podcast weekly or bi weekly, It’s up to you guys. Please contact me if I can do podcasts on here. It could help me and help you. I’ll put the banner up for the site right now on both my sites. THANKS and hope to hear from you guys soon.

    -Mark Korim
    KorimTV Films

  4. Hey guys,

    I sent you an email about two weeks ago asking about joining the community. We do a weekly podcast called Wednesday Warriors. If you could get back in touch with me I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  5. I emailed you a while back about adding our Podcast to your community. I haven’t heard anything back yet. Can you let me know what we need to do to be included in your cool site?

  6. Hi,

    I spoke to you guys about a month back and got accepted to the CPN, but have not had any follow up emailed about the process of getting our podcast on the site, logging in, etc. Please let me know what I can do to get this done.


  7. Hey folks!
    I emailed you a couple weeks back about joining your fine Network, and I haven’t heard back yet. Just wanted to say we’re very much lookin forward to join up!

  8. I haven’t heard anything back from two emails requesting to join the network. I was wondering if there was another way I’m supposed to be getting someone’s attention? I emailed Ian…

  9. Hello,
    My name is Deborah Moreland and I am the public relations and marketing associate at Diamond Comic Distributors. I am reaching out to you to announce the comic book lineup for this years Halloween ComicFest, taking place on October 26th and 27th, 2013!

    Halloween ComicFest is celebrated by participating comic shops across the country and is a weekend packed full of fun with free comics, “The Greatest Costume Contest Ever,” games and other activities meant for the whole family! Based off the highly successful Free Comic Book Day that happens every year in May, Halloween ComicFest combines the fun of free comics and Halloween holiday celebration.

    If you have any questions or want more information please feel free to contact me.

    Halloween ComicFest is so much fun! Hope to see you there!

    -Deborah Moreland
    Diamond Comic Distributors

  10. Here’s an interesting question. If you could reboot marvel and dc, how would your do it?

    How would you change it around? What would you change, if anything? How would you execute the world?

    I would give every character with their own universe. Pretty much keeping every character with their headline series, but each title would be another multiverse.

    Let’s say when you read a Daredevil comic. Matt has his own universe. Within that universe, Spider-Man and Cap appear in that universe, but it’s not connected. Not connected to Spider-Man, Iron Man and all the other heroes titles. They have their own universe.

    The same for DC. You’ll have Batman with appearances of Superman and Flash, but the days of continuity would be over. Marvel and DC control their characters, so it would be no problem.

    That would end the X-Men problem. The only downside would be…no more events. Which didn’t matter and were getting more and more terrible.

    You could have Sam Wilson: Captain America and Steve Rogers: Captain America. You could have X-Men in space. You could have a world where Inhumans are the new mutants and a world where mutants are the mutants. You could have a world that revolves around wonder woman. We see it through her eyes.

    You could have a world where Jimmy Olsen is any race you want, because other comics would have Jimmy as another race. Same for Wally, Jay, Donna and Garth.

    Then you have writers like, Scott Snyder writing for, “Batman” for almost 4 years. Why not do that with every title. Give Charles Souls, Wolverine for a certain amount of time. Then give Scott Lobdell a dumpster he can hide and play in like, “Red Hood and the Outlaws”. Then have those writers create whatever they want, and bring whatever character they want to, introduce or crossover.

    It would be their universe to do so as they please. Because most of us know these characters now. Thanks to the movies, the majority fans know the origins, and how these characters are fleshed out, agreed? I love continuity but I would rather have original stories instead of following continuity.

    If DC and marvel want to make movies and tv shows, this would be the best way to go about it. Everyone’s happy.

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