Wayne’s Comics Podcast #450: Interviews with Ben Slabak and Rodney Fyke

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Time for another great Kickstarter doubleheader this week in special Episode 450! It all starts with Ben Slabak from Exilium, who has a Kickstarter underway to support the first issue of season 2 of this excellent science-fiction series! The issue is described this way: “The second series continues right where we left off in season one and is sure to be another wild ride as the trio of Nia, Tr’u, and Ken are called upon in aid of the very foe they had spent most of their lives fighting against. ” We discuss the series, what Ben has in mind for the characters and this universe, and what we can expect in the upcoming season! Be sure to support this terrific project after you listen to this episode!

Then everything wraps up with my great chat with Rodney Fyke from Roadkill Rampage! His Kickstarter for the debut issue of this series recently completed successfully, so we look back at how it went and also delve into the book, its characters, and even the animals involved!  His series is described like this: “Roadkill Rampage is a mature horror story following the journey of Ace and Tess, a young couple taking a drive out to the country. Ace being the quintessential bad boy likes fast cars and hot chicks. His classic car and Tess meet both those qualifications. Unfortunately for Tess, Ace has a dark side that she is unaware of. Will they make it out alive?” You can purchase the first issue in this series by going to his website at this address.

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