Wayne’s Comics Podcast #449: Mike Maihack

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This week in Episode 449, I have a fun interview with creator Mike Maihack from Cleopatra in Space, a wonderful Indie series of graphic novels that recently released the sixth and concluding book called “Queen of the Nile!” It’s described this way: “The time has come for Cleo to fulfill the ancient prophecy that declares her a savior and a hero, a prophecy she still struggles to accept. Cleo is joined by both old and new friends as they fight to defend the galaxy she’s come to call home against the evil Xaius Octavian. The Queen of the Nile must summon the strength to face down her enemy one last time, and keep her friends — and herself — alive. Now a TV series on NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock!” Mike and I discuss how this series came to be, how the various characters were made, and what it’s like to have an animated series debut based on your own concepts! We also discuss what we might be seeing from Mike in the near future, so don’t miss this discussion with a creator I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about in the coming months. You can buy Mike’s books at this link on Amazon and you can see the animated show on the Peacock streaming service here.

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