Wayne’s Comics Podcast #439: Interview with Ryan Cummins and Jason Webb

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Ready for a fun interview? In Episode 439, I talk with Ryan Cummins and Jason Webb from Skeletal Press as we discuss several of their comics, including Rumble Kings, Millennium: Once in a Lifetime Heroes, Heavy, and Rayna, The Bastard Queen. We delve into the various series, how they came to be, who the characters are, and what we might expect from this up-and-coming comics company in the near future! Rumble Kings is described this way: “A group of exiled soldiers travel through an alternate futuristic dystopia as they sell their violent skills to the highest bidders.” Here’s how Millennium is described: “A group of unlikely heroes come together in an alternate post-WW2 New York City to battle a returning evil bent on global destruction.” To order many of these great comics, go to this link on their website or check them out here on comiXology!

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