MwaP Episode 100: Cowboy Zero

Tune In!

The boys are finally back and it is Episode 100 baby!! In this special episode Corwin chastises Scott for not putting Cowboy Bebop in his Top 5 and then admits he’s Team Anti-Rem. Meanwhile Scott gives a Hot Take on the opening theme music for Cowboy Bebop and then shares how Re: Zero had affected his PTSD. In Hit List, the boys update their Top 5 Animes of all time. Finally in the Review Segment, the boys go over Cowboy Bebop, The Movie, and Re:Zero.

0:04:52 News
0:18:02 Hit List: Top 5 Anime
0:24:23 Cowboy Bebop + The Knocking on Heaven’s Door
1:38:35 Re: Zero

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