Alternate Reality – Episode 394

Alternate Reality – Episode #394

Jon’s weekend got jacked.  A bunch of stuff came up that kept him from doing his required reading.  He knew based on tweets that Charlie was going to be talking about Flash #50 and the end of Flash War.  So Jon, who was behind on Flash made a point to read the previous 4 Flash issues as well as #50 to have an intelligent conversation with Charlie about the book.  He even got to read a couple other books.  But that’s it.  With close to 20 books in Jon’s pile he read 7, and 5 of them were from one title.  *Sigh*

So this week Jon breaks out a couple new books for us.  Superman #1 from Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis.  He also looks at the new Amazing Spider-Man #1 from Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley.  While Charlie on the other hand, working to fill the gap, talks about the afore mentioned Flash #50, X-Men: Grand Design #1, and Archie #32.

All that and we still come up an issue short but long on time,… how’s that work?!?

Oh well,…. Enjoy!!!


Superman #1
Flash #50
Amazing Spider-Man #1
X-Men: Grand Design #1
Archie #32

Also: This week’s music & sound is in honor of Prime Day 2018

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