Alternate Reality – Episode 390

*So I don’t know why but there was some static that was recorded during this last episode.  We have no idea why or where it came from as I didn’t discover it till we were posting the episode.  Might be a short in the mic cables.  Not sure.  We’ll try to figure out why this is happening.  Sorry about that.*

Alternate Reality – Episode #390

We’re back baby!  Alternate Reality was gone last week due exclusively to the fact that Charlie couldn’t make it back from Heroes Con in time.  But after a week hiatus to give Charlie a chance to sober up we got more comics to talk about this week.

This week, in order to earn a little small publisher/creator owned cred with Chris Partin, Charlie is talking about Skyward from Image Comics.  Charlie regales us with the awesome Zero-G premis of this story.  Then Jon and Charlie round out the rest of the episode talking about a slate of DC and Marvel books.

Lastly, Charlie fills us in on all the hijinks that occurred during his time in Charlotte, North Carolina at Heroes Con.  Charlie even has a special gift for Jon.

Alternate Reality; bringing you the best every week in comic book podcasting!!!


Skyward #3
Plastic Man #1
Aquaman #37
Doctor Strange #2
Justice League #2
Hawkman #1

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