Wayne’s Comics Podcast #333: Tyler Chin-Tanner, Jay Gillespie

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It’s another great double-header weekend, this time in Episode 333! First up is the return of Tyler Chin-Tanner from A Wave Blue World, who has a Kickstarter going on for the anthology book All We Ever Wanted: Stories of a Better World!  We discuss this project, including his role in it and who else is making this positive book happen! The project concludes on Wednesday, July 4, at 12:04 p.m., so be sure to get your support in now!

Then everything wraps up with Jay Gillespie, who does just about everything except print his Indie series Severed Souls: The Order of the Revenant. This book explores the supernatural and its possible impact on people and the world since ancient times. We discuss the upcoming release of the sixth issue and what else we might expect from him in the near future! You can buy and download his first five issues on Comixology at this link, order paper copies at this link, or join his Patreon here!

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