Comics Alternative Interviews: Ho Che Anderson

Time Codes:

  • 00:00:24 – Introduction
  • 00:02:45 – Setup of interview
  • 00:06:17 – Interview with Ho Che Anderson
  • 01:12:00 – Wrap up
  • 01:14:51 – Contact us


Are You Sitting Comfortably?

On this interview episode, Gene and Derek talk with Ho Che Anderson about his new book Godhead, coming out next week from Fantagraphics Books. This is a work of speculative fiction involving corporate culture and its attempts to communicate with God. It’s an ambitious narrative that zeroes in on the juncture of religion, technology, and capitalist greed. The book is the first of two volumes exploring this futuristic world, and it’s a project that Anderson has been developing for years. The guys talk extensively with their guest about the genesis of and the creative process underlying Godhead, but they also ask about his larger body of work and its sheer diversity, from the erotic I Want to Be Your Dog, to the five-issue series (along with Wilfred Santiago) Pop Life, to the text he’s perhaps best known for, his graphic biography of Martin Luther King. Both Gene and Derek have been big fans of Anderson’s comics for years, and they’re excited to finally get him on the podcast. Listen up and learn!

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