Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show Episode 173: The Full Bonaduce

Season two of Marvel Studios’s / Netflix’s Jessica Jones dropped late last week, and as with most of Marvel’s / Netflix’s shows, we burned through it in a single weekend binge. And this binge was more enjoyable than the last couple, because for once no one from Crisis On Infinite Midlives threw up while watching the show, and because for the first time in a while Iron Fist was nowhere to be seen. Whether that’s a correlation or a causation deal we will leave up to you.

Season two had a lot to live up to, as we loved the first season’s combined exploration of PTSD and abusive relationships, and its meta examination of what it might really mean to be a companion to Doctor Who. This time around, the show tackles the concepts of different kinds of families, be they biological, adopted or self-created, and how they apparently will always let you down. And it combines it with a meta examination of why Trish Walker is the worst person in the world!

This show was recorded live to tape, with minimal editing. So if you’re looking for a genre podcast where the hosts are excited about the return of congenital, reckless alcoholic Jessica Jones because representation in media matters, well, you’ve come to the right place!

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