EMP Episode 133W.1: Planetary Pilfering

IN THIS EPISODE…. Egad!! Someone’s stolen the Earth! Wait, what’s this? THEY STOLE THE MOON TOO???!!! What’s left of our favorite Avengers teams (since someone has also frozen many heroes in time and space) congregate at Avenger’s Mansion to formulate a plan to put the planet back in its prime position! And you’ll never guess who’s coming to help save the day. MEANWHILE in a desolate future (aren’t they all really?) Hawkeye comes to grips with the possibility of going blind, coming up with alimony for Spider-Man’s daughter, Venom, Venom, everywhere…and the only sheriff in town who might be as good a shot as Clint… We break down AVENGERS 675 and OLD MAN HAWKEYE in our WEEKLY EDITION of EARTH’S MIGHTIEST PODCAST!! Excelsior!!  

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0:06:28 Avengers (2016) #675
Quick Hit
0:23:21 Old Man Hawkeye (2018) #1

EMP #133w.1
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Note: The PoP!-Cast Network is earmarked by iTunes as “explicit” and is intended for mature audiences.

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