X-Men Monday Episode 23: Do You Believe In Magik?

Estimated sales, news, and comic book reviews, you name it. Ryan and Allen are discussing it all on this week’s episode.¬†You’ve probably noticed your local comic shop still has stacks of Marvel Legacy variants, there’s a reason why. Rob comes on and the guys break down Rob’s October sales summary for the X-titles. Rob and Anthony also sit in a couple books this week. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the episode thread. Ryan and Allen have a stacked show for you this week. Thanks for listening!

Intro (0:00), Estimated Sales (1:08), News (51:58), Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #2 (1:10:08), Weapon X #11 (1:16:16), X-Men Blue #15 (1:27:42), Secret Warriors #8 (1:54:46), Fastball Tweets (2:15:45), Generl Discussion (2:23:30)

Retcon X – “Teens Displaced”
Ongface – “Sax Me Your Resume”

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