The Grawlix Podcast #56: Return of the Dredd Lip

We discuss Judge Dredd: Trapped on Titan from Big Finish Audio. Plus a whole bunch of in-house news, self-promotion and more!

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Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:02:32 – Electronic Media Collective International Podcast Day Stream
00:06:01 – Superior Comic Show joined Electronic Media Collective!
00:07:45 –
00:15:36 – Almost Educational and Werewolves
00:17:03 – Judge Dredd: Trapped on Titan
LETTERS PAGE (Contact Us Here)
00:40:58 – Letter from Mathew Downs
00:48:07 – iTunes Review from Peter of the Superior Comic Show
00:53:01 – Outro

Links Mentioned
Randy’s Freelance Podcast Editor Site at
Judge Dredd: Trapped on Titan on
Matt D.’s Back Issue Bin Blogspot
Superior Comic Show
Almost Educational Ep. 143

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