Longbox Review Presents: The Legion Project Episode 1: Eye for an Eye pt. 1

Presenting a joint podcast production with Peter from The Daily Rios podcast (where you can also listen and subscribe to The Legion Project), where we will discuss, issue by issue, the 1984 Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 3) series affectionately known as the “Baxter run” (starting with the “Eye for an Eye” story line). In this episode, Peter and I will explain what we’re doing and why, and then we’ll discuss the first of a five-part battle against the Legion of Super-Villains. Please let us know what you thought of our new project and send us any comments or questions that we can talk about on a future episode.

Please leave comments below, send your comments to longboxreview@gmail.com or peter@thedailyrios.com, or chat with us @longboxreview or @peterjrios on Twitter.

Thanks for listening!


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