MwaP Episode 75: Future Erased

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The boys are back and with this time they celebrate their big 75th episode!! How else better would they bring in the big moment than not talk about Deadpool at all. Say what?! That’s right, join Scott Bechtel and Corwin Crowl spend over two hours talking about Future Diary and Erased. In this episode, Corwin almost gets an anxiety attack from one of these two shows being too intense. Meanwhile Scott talks about how Re: Zero actually triggered his PTSD. Don’t worry next episode they will return with the Deadpool talk, covering the books of May 2017.

Warning: The following episode contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for both Future Diary and Erased. Also the following episode contains the discussion of “rape “multiple times during the Future Diary segment. Child murder and abuse is also discussed multiple times during both segments. We understand these are sensitive subjects. PLEASE LISTEN AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.  

0:02:55 News
0:19:04 The Future Diary
1:08:14 Erased

Music by Jenki “Girls of Los Angeles”

Opening Song Name: Re Re
By: Asian Kung-Fu Generation
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Ending Song Name: Kuusou Mesorogiwi
The Future Diary:
By: Yousei Teikoku
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