Comics Alternative, Euro Comics: Reviews of Little Tulip, Billy Budd, KGB, The Magician’s Wife, and The Boys of Sheriff Street

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A Deep Charyn Dive

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This month on the Euro Comics series Edward and Derek look at four BD, all written by Jerome Charyn and all released by Dover Publications. First they discuss three collaborations with François Boucq: Little TulipBilly Budd, KGB, and The Magician’s Wife. These were originally published in French between 1987 and 2014, but they’ve been available in English translations over the past seventeen months (the most recent, Little Tulip, coming out this past December). They also explore The Boys of Sheriff Street, Charyn’s project with Jacques de Loustal that was translated and published by Dover in July 2016. Over the course of their conversation Derek and Edward investigate Charyn’s methods of storytelling, finding similarities and thematic links among the four titles, and they discuss the different ways in which Boucq’s and Loustal’s styles bring different resonances to their respective narratives.


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