Arc Reactions – 65 – Torchlight Lullaby

Torchlight Lullaby, a graphic novel by Ryan Fisher is an all ages tale that tackles a very difficult topic in an expert fashion that makes it enjoyable for both young and old alike. This is the story of a young girl who travels to a magical land and encounters many creatures both good and not so good. While there she has to make a difficult decision that will change her life going forward.

Talking Points

Story (4:00)

Characters (8:14)

Art (17:24)

Metaphor (18:05)

Message (25:53)



John was wrong about the Radio vs. the Martians episode he mentioned. It was about Don Bluth and not Ralph Bakshi, but its still a great episode to listen to.

Our next podcast will be Spawn by Todd McFarlane on March 5th.

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