The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode 267-“You’ve Never Respected the Mandarin Like I Do”






We watch PERNICIOUS, the story of three dumb people drinking in thailand. Rev reads some L. Sprague DeCamp, and TechJedi goes back to Blue Chicks. We kick off with October’s Marvels. MS. MARVEL 12 gives us a cool little story with Kamala going back to Karachi and meeting new heroes and family. It’s nice. SORCERERS SUPREME 1 bores me terribly as wizards just wander around from different time periods. Bleh. CAPTAIN STEVIE 6 brings us the specter of impending death that oh look, doesn’t happen. eh. DAREDEVIL 12 Matt faces the terror of …VINCENT VAN GORE! I don’t need to tell you anymore. SPIDER WOMAN 12 is BEACH DAY! YAY! If you didn’t guess Sandman is the villain and Roger kicks his ass, you shouldn’t read comics. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 10 and 20-and it’s all round about double talk about clones and the dying Jay Jameson and Pete fucking up…it’s spidey and clones. Bye. DR. STRANGE 12 face the terror of Mister Misery, which is only a shade better than mr sinister. Mordo is back, Dormammus’ back, and Nightmare is there. It’s old fuckin’ home week. SILVER SURFER 7 has Dawn mad at Surfer for keeping things safe, if a shitload of fun. She takes him to task and it’s time to gamble-with The Collector! INFAMOUS IRON MAN 1 is a great start, with Victor turning a new leaf and fucking up Diablo in a great sequence-after which he steals an Iron Suit to become heroic. INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 14 is a small, personal book we like, but there’s alwauys arguments. GREAT LAKES AVENGERS is funny but really there for nostalgia.

We move on to the Star Wars section of the Marvels, starting with POE DAMERON 7-Poe meets with an old pal turned journalist, lookin for scoops on the Resistance. There’s a chase, and it’s fun. STAR WARS 24 returns us to the Cool Squad of Cool Bad Guys with Scar Squadron-tasked with taking back the ISD Harbinger the heroes stole.  HAN SOLO 4 presets us with murder, racing, dead rathtars, and surprise Imperials. DARTH VADER 25 finishes the series, Vader mind tricking a living ship. Think about that shit. Mind Tricks A Living Ship. He spaces Aphra, who is rescued by 000, and Vader receives the SSD Executor and becomes worshiped by the Tuskens.
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