MwaP Episode 68: Bed, Bath & Beyonder

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The boys are back with a brand new episode!! In this episode Corwin admits he has no time for “himself” and then blames it on the all books. Meanwhile Scott questions if you want to see a girl with six boobs, then starts contemplating on doing drugs instead of reading these books. In the Hit List the guys run down their Top 5 Anime Opening Songs. For the books of October 2016, the guys trudge through TWELVE books. In Past-O-Vision they travel back to 2002 to review Taskmaster #1 & #2. And as always Robot Chicken wraps the show up with a PSA.

But wait there’s more!! We have another contest!! Send us a picture of yourself wearing or holding your Deadpool swag as well as a poster saying “Merc with a Podcast”, and post it on our Facebook page or tweet it at us (@mercwapodcast) with the #mercwapodcastgiveaway . Or e-mail us a drawing of Donkey Kong as Wolverine. What does the winner get? Uncanny X-Force: Final Execution Book 1 HC, Identity Wars (Premiere Edition), The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Believe It Vol. 1 TPB, and Doom War HC (“The Best Marvel Event Ever!” –Corwin of MwaP. Plus many other random comic goodies! You have till Jan. 31st, 2017 to send your entries in.

0:03:44 News
0:09:34 Hellhouse Fax
0:16:18 Hitlist: Top 5 Anime Intro Songs
0:26:44 Solo (2016) #1
0:32:08 Deadpool & Mercs for Money (2016.2) #4
0:36:50 Deadpool Too Soon? (2016) #1
0:41:46 Deadpool Too Soon? (2016) #2
0:45:29 Rocket and Groot (2016) #10
0:54:49 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #15
1:01:35 Unbelievable Gwenpool (2016) #7
1:05:35 Deadpool: Back in Black (2016) #1
1:10:01 Deadpool: Back in Black (2016) #2
1:14:16 Deadpool (2015) #20
1:18:49 Deadpool (2015) #21
1:27:47 Spider-Man Deadpool (2016) #10
1:35:31 Taskmaster (2002) #1
1:42:48 Taskmaster (2002) #2

Music by Jenki “Girls of Los Angeles”


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