ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 84: Sex in Comics

Episode 83 of the ComicsVerse Podcast centers around sex in comics! ComicsVerse Comics and Managing Culture Editor Jamie Rice is joined by panelists Bob Franco, Dellen Miller, Phil Casey, Matt Murphy, Mark Bouchard, and Kay Honda!

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In this episode, our panelists discuss books like SEX CRIMINALS, CATWOMAN, and SAGA in an attempt to unpackage the way in which sex and sexuality function in comic narratives. First, they recount the days of the CCA, or Comics Code of America, and the impact that it had on the American comics industry before moving on to discuss the idea of feminist sex in comics. The comics industry has and continues to suffer from a lack of female creators- thus, female characters are often both written and drawn by men, often leading to the character catering to the male gaze. Our panelists unpackage the intent behind the characters, as well as the actions taken by the characters themselves, to see just what makes a depiction of sex, “feminist.” They unpackage how real world attitudes about sex culture, such as the double standard that exists between men and women regarding promiscuity, and how they function in the real world.

In addition to this, our panelists explore the world of fetishism and erotic comics before moving on to a discussion about consent and rape in terms of a handful of comics, including NIGHTWING and KAIJUMAX. Going further, the panelists discuss whether or not rape should be present in comics at all, and the use of trigger warnings.

HEAR: Lots of SAGA in this podcast! Want more? Listen to Jamie host an entire podcast on SAGA alone!

With a reading list comprised of superhero and non-cape comics, this podcast was so intense, and had so many puns, that it couldn’t be contained in just one segment, so stay tuned for part two!

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