Deconstructing Comics #521: Kaigai Manga Festa 2016, part two!

Kaigai Manga Festa 2016

Part two of our roundup of creators who tabled at this year’s Kaiga Manga Festa, including talks with Graeme Mc Nee, Matthew Forsythe, Karl Kerschl, and our own Mulele!

Creators show their work to editors at Comitia, the larger festival alongside Kaigai on October 23, 2016

1:42 Sanmagumo, a cooperative of Finnish and Japanese creators
Yokai Project (Japanese and Finnish fictional creatures)
Wartime Stories



5:12 Six Hours (Daisy)
For it to Grow
Six Hours

Six Hours (Daisy)


7:27 Joseph Hewitt, Polar Bear Comix
Snow Cone City
The Last Human Alive

Alien Lives
Joseph Hewitt

Joseph Hewitt


13:24 Graeme McNee
Edinburgh International Festival review comics
Graeme McNee

Graeme McNee


16:11 The Panoptic Press
Failed State
Sonhome City
The Panoptic Press

The Panoptic Press
Justin M. Knipper (r)


21:14 Neko Studio
Crazy Prison
The Super Misurino
Journey to Thule
Drachi Jungle Adventure
Neko Studio

(l-r) Don Kitsune, Misurino, and Jhon of Neko Studio


29:59 Mulele

Mulele (left)


36:35 break
38:52 Akimiya Jun
Up Until Now
Akimiya Jun

Akimiya Jun’s table


40:45 Barnaby Bagenda
The Omega Men
Barnaby Bagenda

Barnaby Bagenda


42:16 Vincent Lefrancois
A Town in Japan
Vincent Lefrancois

Vincent Lefrancois


24:55 Matthew Forsythe
Adventure Time lead designer (seasons 4-6)
Comics Class
Matthew on Deconstructing Comics 316
Matthew Forsythe

Matthew Forsythe (r) with Tim


51:06 Karl Kerschl
Gotham Academy
The Abominable Charles Christopher
Karl Kerschl

Karl Kerschl


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