Wayne’s Comics Podcast #253: Ted Sikora, Sam Johnson, Frank Martin, Jack Montgomery

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Hope you had a Happy Halloween, and I hope you’ll still enjoy this Halloween Spectacular, Episode #253! You’ll hear my chat with Ted Sikora from Apama, where you’ll be able to follow the apamanation.com website and his Kickstarter project that concluded on Halloween Night, October 31. Then Sam Johnson returns to update us on his new Geek-Girl #1 comic, which became available Wednesday, November 2. You can find out more at this Facebook page. After that, Frank Martin is back, and he’s got a fascinating combination of novella and comic that will be perfect for your Halloween reading! Then everything wraps up with Jack Montgomery, artist on Sanguine Nights. We discuss the book in depth, and he tells us all how we can access and read this fascinating vampire story! You’ll find the sequence and times you can hear each interview during the podcast below:

  1. Ted Sikora, Apama                                                                       1:51
  2. Sam Johnson, Geek-Girl #1                                                        32:51
  3. Frank Martin, Skin Deep and Ordinary Monsters                 1:04:13
  4. Jack Montgomery, Sanguine Knights                                       1:33:01

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