TMG_Cast-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode 260-“That’s Some Tasty Anthropoid”







TechJedi proves jsut how extensive his sports knowledge is, and that’s damn little. We explicitly make known our anticipation of both a new Batwoman book and the WOOHOO! RETURN OF UBER!. TechJedi loves the second season of Gotham, even though Jim Gordon needs to come back to the side of the Angels. TJ finally finishes Deep Suck Nine. Rev watches Supergirl, so that’s a start. We mention the latest Midtown Sale; eventually we get to July indies, and we start with the masterpiece of weirdness that is MANIFEST DESTINY 21, which is all Squatch all the Time. HARROW COUNTY 14 brings to the fore Emmi’s “kin”, other pseudo witches and magical beings, and of course there’s an agenda. MIDNIGHT OF THE SOUL 2 begins the chase to find his wife, meeting instead Patsy. PTSD steps in..SHADOW-DEATH OF MARGO LANE 2 has Shadow in a tight spot, and Margo goes out bad ass. EMPRESS 3,4-issue 2’s cliffhanger gets resolved in both disgusting and awesome ways, The Emperor goes all scorched earth looking for the fam, a serious amount of plot and action occurs and it’s worth your dough. PREDATOR, ALIENS, DREDD 1 presents Dr Rheinshtott harvesting facehuggers, injured Yaujta, and THE LAW. ROM 1 is too basic and setty-uppy to really say much about, but it’s ok. DESCENDER 13 is Telsa’s story-and as high quality as it is, it’s pretty standard. AMERICAN MONSTER 4 pretty much continues to make no sense, and is probably our last issue.  LOBSTER JOHNSON METAL MONSTERS OF MID-TOWN 3 concludes the standard wackiness in high fashion and pleases us. CONAN THE SLAYER 1 is, jeez, once more, standard Conan, but likable standard Conan, not boring standard Conan. REVIVAL 41 begins the build up to countdown hard, with Dana and Em cornered, Amish Ninjas to the rescue, and rioting getting out of hand…RAGNAROK 9 has the Fire Demons defeated, and the mythology of goats. VELVET 15 ends it all-go read it. Go buy it. That’s where we’ll leave it. Ending it all is Sabrina 6, the strange and twisted tales fo the familiars. That concludes episode 260, now fuck off.

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