Wayne’s Comics Podcast #250: Neal Adams, Wendy Pini

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Episode 250 is a special one, and it all kicks off with my recent interview with comics legend Neal Adams, who shares his thoughts on what Marvel and DC are doing right and what they’re doing wrong. He talks about his recent work on Superman: The Coming of the Supermen, The CW’s Arrow, and what he has coming our way soon! You can keep up with him at his website at this link!

Then everything wraps up when I bring back one of my favorite interviews, and that was with Wendy Pini from Elfquest! This first aired in Episode 125, but a few months after that, Wendy complimented me by saying online that this was one of her favorite interviews that took place when Elfquest: The Final Quest began.  We talked about many things Elfquest, including how she and Richard Pini make the magic happen, how profound the characters are, her use of computer graphics, and what else she had planned back when this chat first aired, much of which is still relevant today. Don’t miss it!

Next week, we begin the next 250 episodes, and more!


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