TMG_Cast-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode 257-All Star Wars All The Time 2-Summer 2016



It’s the Star Wars episode, and the timing is weird because now Kenny Baker is dead. We talk about the fun that was Terrificon-with sigs, books, pals, stories, man. Especially fun was the Dan Slott writing story.  We watch DragonFyre with a Y!  Eventually we get to the Star Wars books with the new HAN SOLO1- which, initially, seems far out of character-until the race across the galaxy brings the brash out. POE DAMERON 2, 3, 4 presents us with egg hatching gods, Imperial agents, dogfights, and Lor Sen Tekka’s next stop. Then Poe and company become captives of the Hutts-There’s some small romantic scenes, and the triumphant return of GRAKKUS THE HUTT! STAR WARS 19 finishes up Rebel Prison, and the end making fun of both Luke and Han was worth everything. STAR WARS 20 then switches gears back to Obi-Wan’s history-featuring Black Krrsntan tracking Ben down through Owen and Luke. Ben is summarily beaten senseless, till Luke drives Krrsntan off. STAR WARS 21give us teh newly bad-ass Sergeant Kreel and his Elite Squad of White Armored BAD ASSES. You don’t need anymore than that. Except the lightsabre! DARTH VADER 21-23–it’s all coming to a head as Aphra is apprehended, Vader has to take out a Star Destroyers’ worth of troops, fights the cyber-rancor to a standstill, and there’s just massive intensive awesomeness every page. We eventually shoehorn the boring and execrable Obi-Wan and Anakin 5 last ish that we so don’t care about it.

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