TMG_Cast-Comics Irrelevancy on the Edge of Civility-Episode 256-“Blue Nipple and The Ring of Doom”



The Rev tells us about his Suicide Squad watch. It takes a long time to get through. But eventually we get to the June DCs, being: ACTION COMICS 957-958-which confuses the crap out of us. Honestly. We dunno where the kid comes from. We dunno why Clark is dead, or even WHICH ONE IS DEAD. That’s poor. Doomsday is back again, but that ship has sailed. WONDER WOMAN 1 is all about Diana, in the jungle, on walkabout, trying to find the jungle oracle to reveal herself. Followed by animal men and…CHEETAH! AQUAMAN 1 is the same as all other Aquaman 1’s-a lot of set and Black Manta attacks. FLASH 1 teams Barry with Bats and Wally makes his appearance. He wanders, morose, that he can’t do more FOR JUSTICE!. It’s ok but it’s not exactly an award winner from our perspective. GREEN LANTERNS, PLURAL 1 brings Simon and Jessica to what was supposed to be an alien crime scene, but end up with a hobo with a shotgun. DETECTIVE 934 and 935 Is Bats kickin Azraels ass, and I’m fine with that-but that’s where I drop off. Gotham’s heroes areĀ  under observation-by COLONY! BATMAN 1 is now the second Batman #1 I own, and I’m still not rich, so what does THAT tell ya. Bruce officially gains the capability to completely ignore fuckin all physics, including comics style. It’s too much, frankly. Batman is not fucking Maud ‘Dib riding a goddamed sandworm. Bah. SUPERMAN 1 The Kents move in and rebuild the farm, and kid-supes meets the neighbor girl. GREEN ARROW 1 continues the Rebirth 1 story with human trafficking and Ollie and Dinah’s relationship rocketing forward despite their manufactured disagreements. We close it off there for another week.

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