ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 82: Rick Remender’s UNCANNY X-FORCE part 1

Episode 82 of the ComicsVerse podcast represents part one of our two-part series on the legendary UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender. ComicsVerse CEO Justin Alba is joined by his co-host Marius Thienenkamp (who had the honor of visiting New York and the ComicsVerse office for the very first time) as well as panelists Kay Honda, Mark Hassenfratz, Dellen Miller, Nolan Bensen, Jamie Rice, Corey Spanner, and Nick Marinelli.

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As one of the darkest entries in the history of X-Men related books, UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender is also considered by many to be a modern masterpiece, UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender offers a lot to talk to discuss. The book delves incredibly deep into the psychology of characters such as Wolverine, Deadpool, and Psylocke as well as the ethics of superheroism in general. As the mutants form a secret assassination squad, they are more and more often forced to question their understanding of morality– and so is the reader!

In this episode, the podcast crew analyses the UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender’s ongoing motif of fighting against or embracing, for the greater good, one’s killer instinct. It discusses the various plot twists and character dynamics amongst Rick Remender’s leading cast members. Where does Warren Worthington, III end, and Archangel begin? What implications does Betsy Braddock’s relationship to him hold? What are other important motifs throughout the book? Which characters did we enjoy the most? Those questions, among others, will be answered!

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Stay tuned for part two, in which we further delve into the run’s most important story arcs, DARK ANGEL SAGA, and THE FINAL EXECUTION, apply the Susan Batson character analysis test, as well as comment on and discuss the book’s art!

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